Zac: Museveni uses Amin, Obote gun, rebel tactics

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Dr. David Zac Niringiye, retired Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Kampala, Church of Uganda, has accused President Yoweri Museveni of resurrecting the same tactics past dictators used to control Ugandans.

“Time to stop Politics of guns, rebels and military. Uganda needs a National Dialogue,” Zac said in reference to the attacks on Gulu police station and Opit UPDF military detach in northern Uganda.

“Gunfire in Gulu. Attacks in Kasese, Kapchorwa and now, Gulu. Deaths. Graves. Rebels. Bandits, criminals and Subversive rebel groups. Arrests of senior army officers! Recovery of “AK 47 guns, one PK machine gun, 270 rounds of ammunition, one SAR rifle, three pouches and a bow and eight arrows”.”

He said this is today’s story, in Museveni’s Uganda, in 2016. It was the same story, in Amin’s, Obote’s and Museveni’s Uganda of 1970’s, 1980s and 1990s respectively. This cannot continue. It should not continue.

Museveni participated in the resistance struggles that toppled the governments of Idi Amin and Milton Obote.

“Sadly, Uganda has gotten used to guns-rebels-military politics. Now we are being told that a highly placed security source has expressed dismay that there may be a link between the defiance campaign and guns.”

He quotes security personnel as having said, “We all knew that defiance was based on politics but when security installations were attacked and guns taken, we got scared and widened our investigations”.

“I am surprised at his dismay,” Zac noted, adding, “Guns-rebels-military is Uganda’s way of doing politics.”

He said President Museveni regularly adorns military fatigues to remind Ugandans of his military credentials.

NRM MPs adorn military uniforms at Kyankwanzi.

Cabinet has military generals. The head of the Police is a Military General, having replaced another military general, who now heads UPDF.

“And the military is in Parliament, including the head of UPDF, as ‘listening posts’ – so we are told. Remember talk of a military coup in 2013? Remember, the Mbuya barracks attacks? President Museveni has promised to employ ‘muyekera’ ways. I could go on.”

Zac said this cannot surely be the Uganda citizens want.

“This is the reason why a structured national dialogue is urgent: Ugandans sitting together, agree to transition from the guns-rebels-military politics, to dialogue. Truth-telling, national reconciliation and a Uganda that works for all of us is the future we must work for.”

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