Youth open letter to Museveni


Dear Mr. President,

We, the youth of Uganda, have always shared solidarity with your presidency. We are honored to share with you our utmost feelings about how we live and survive in our country Uganda.

We the youth, form the biggest fraction of the population. Our brothers, sisters, parents and families cannot afford to have a decent education. We cannot afford medical treatment, a good meal.

Our schools have been sold off, to be replaced with hotels. Our family members have been evicted and their land forcefully stolen. We do not have hospitals. AIDs is killing us.

We cannot enjoy our freedoms. Our rights are violated. The regime in power harbours the most heinous and sinister motives of denying Ugandan citizens their constitutional rights, while quashing any possibility of people power and will meant to rescue the country from bad-governance and dictatorship.

The regime in power has destroyed our generation. Our only hope is within us and helpers such as civil society and Non-Government Organizations.

As we talk now the regime keeps on to forcefully close operations of NGOs. These NGOs give us food in refugee camps.

They pay for our tuition. They pay for orphan’s school dues. They gives us clean water. They gives us clothing, housing and drugs. They do what the regime in power has failed to do for us for years. Now, we have no say.

The regime shuts down any NGO that questions wide-spread corruption, cronyism, repression and other anti-constitutional vices which now lie at the very core of its misrule.

Mr. President, our leaders are harassed, arrested, imprisoned, shot dead. The regime in power continues to unleash its indefensible actions of arresting our national leaders and senior citizens.

In just a period of one month, Gen. Sejusa David, Dr. Kizza Besigye, Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi, Hon. Nambooze (MP), and many others. They have been arrested, denied a right to express own opinion, harassed and clobbered. We are denied our rights of free speech and association.

The regime agents torture us. They do not want us to associate with fellow peers or allow us to gather for a common cause. They have draconian laws, we can’t keep on accepting.

The regime is continuously unleashing and ordering its brutal repressive machine to terrorize us and entire nation. Fellow youth leaders and activist are intimidated, arrested, imprisoned.

It’s now proved beyond doubt that Mr. Museveni (current Ugandan president) is not a democrat, but rather a heartless power-hungry dictator, who will do anything to hang to power, including the application of the most ruthless and authoritarian methods and approaches as we are witnessing today in Uganda.

In Uganda today, there is no freedom of expression, no press and media freedom, no right of assembly, no right to protest peacefully against government malpractices and illegalities, no right to hold corrupt or errant leaders and public officials to account, no right to choose political leaders freely in free and fair elections, no right to freely and without undue harassment offer oneself for the country’s top leadership, etc, etc… The list is long and inexhaustible.

Mr. President, our brothers and sisters do not have jobs. Millions of youth are suffering. The regime does not care.

We are desperate for our lives. Our generation is being destroyed deliberately, through use of tribalism, sectarianism, corruption. There are million cries of people irrespective of status, gender. Even service men are suffering.

There million cries of service men (army, police and security officers). The regime does not care. They die for nothing is unjustified wars. Their bodies rot. They are our brothers and sisters but cannot bury them.

Their pension is nowhere to be seen. It’s very clear that the regime does not care about the welfare of citizens. Our neighbor (Kenya and Tanzania) are far beyond.

We had hoped that the oil in our country would be last hope as a national resource. We hoped the revenues from oil, would help construct schools and get a better education. We hoped to get new hospitals, jobs, have good families.

We hoped the oil would be a national pride. To our dismay, Uganda’s oil is a personal property. We were reminded by the head of the regime, that ‘THAT IS MY OIL’.

Mr. President, Our hope now is in you and your great nation, the United States of America, and other countries like Britain, and others in the European Union and the wider international community, should begin to work closely with the Ugandan people to dismantle the dictatorial regime, that is horrendous – incorrigibly a monstrous one-man rule that has brought an entire nation of millions to the precipice, destruction.

We request you to take our appeal to loving men and women in your great nation. Let them listen to us.

Let them give us a hand. Let them join us in our struggle to rescue our country Uganda from the dictatorial trinity of the father, the son and the mother.

We request for your understanding.

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