Your time is over, Col Bantariza tells opposition



Government spokesperson Shaban Bantariza says if there is anything to worry about as far as President Yoweri Museveni’s May 12 swearing in ceremony is concerned, is only rain.

“Those planning to disrupt the swearing in ceremony perhaps want to test and see the wrath of the state,” the retired colonel threatened on Tuesday.

According to Bantariza, if Forum for Democratic Change says they won by 52%, why then do they need an audit?

“They never even say how they arrived at the 52%. We have to outgrow the tendency of assuming that once it doesn’t go in my favour, foul play is to blame,” Batariza insisted while appearing on a local television, NBS.

He said there are many FDC supporters who admit that following the loss, the party should move onto re-strategising for the next election.

“Freedoms are important but they stop where law starts i.e. freedom of movement stops where trespass starts. We need to remember that.”

He said some of the human rights activists are opposition agents who only push the agenda of their inclinations.

The opposition and their criticism are good but they ought to be constructive, Bantariza suggested.

He said in this new term, as President Museveni put it, the time is over for those who frustrate Uganda’s steady progress.

“Those saying 30 years is too much, what is too much? The many roads constructed? The electricity extended to villages?”

Batariza said none of Uganda’s former presidents was overthrown because they had overstayed.

“Overstaying wasn’t the reason. How long a time constitutes overstay in power? 5 years? 20? 35? President Museveni is in power as per the people’s will.”

According to him, today, there is certainty that after every 5 years, elections are held.

“The unpredictability of overstaying is gone.”

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