Yonah: Besigye ‘defiance’ same as Museveni ‘resistance’


Uganda People’s Congress stalwart, Hon. Yona Kanyomozi, says opposition should be weary of the idea of a unity government.

Yonah is a former member of EALA parliament and minister in Milton Obote’s regime.

According to him, Zimbabwe opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s party disappeared after joining a unity government with President Robert Mugabe.

“Joining a unity government means the opposition will be agreeing to the terms of the victor (President Museveni),” Yonah said while appearing on NBS TV on Wednesday.

Kanyomozi says the concluded Uganda elections weren’t free and fair, were poorly organised yet none is taking responsibility.

He said the current situation in the country can be stopped if the two major players are willing to talk, in the interest of Uganda.

“My only reservation is whether the winner will be willing to talk‪.”

This comes at a time when opposition FDC and its candidate, Kizza Besigye, says it has no interest in talking to Museveni at all.

Speaking on the matter, former Supreme Court Judge, Professor George Kanyeihamba said President Museveni should know that his mandate is being challenged.

“Governance is where you have an undisputed mandate from voters.”

Kanyeihamba said even the police and the army are unhappy; this is a unique situation for Uganda.

“Every one disputes the election outcome; even President Museveni complains he was cheated and had above 60%,” the judge wondered.

According to Yonah, it is time for a dialogue.

“We need to consider the observers’ observations and recommendations. It is not as bad because nothing has blown up but things have already blown up in Bundibugyo. Situation can be worse. We can stop it‪,” he said.

He said both Besigye and Museveni are the same in some ways; the word “defiance”, compared to “resistance” as used in NRM are the same.

“Out of respect, President Museveni might have told the ‘Women’s Situation Room Uganda’ women that he is ready to talk but might change his stand at a whim.”

He said President Museveni is likely to accept the need to dialogue with other parties especially Kizza Besigye.

“If he doesn’t, I see problems.”

Yonah also warned that failure to find internal mediators will mean the country has to opt for other alternatives from elsewhere in the world.

“First things first, Kizza Besigye needs his freedom back. He’s like any other Ugandan.”

Also Wednesday, FDC in a statement called on the government to withdraw security forces from Besigye’s home.

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