Yellow pigs protest unemployment in Jinja


While Uganda joins the rest of the world to celebrate the international Labour Day, Jinja nearly had the fete disrupted after yellow pigs hit the streets.

The yellow pigs, symbolic of corruption, were thrown on the streets of Jinja town by unknown people.

It is believed the architects of the development are protesting the high level of unemployment in the country.

Police suspects that a group called Jobless Brotherhood is behind the action meant to embarrass the government.

Police has started hunting for suspects.

Pigs have on several occasions been dropped on Kampala streets by different pressure groups in protest with the rampant corruption in the country.

Last year, yellow painted pigs were dropped at Watoto church and at Parliament.

Three pigs painted pigs all painted in the ruling party’s favourite colour, yellow, were dropped at Total Jinja Road opposite Uganda House by a motorcyclist.

A document purportedly authored by the Jobless brotherhood was found at the scene expressing anger at the NRM Government over several issues including unemployment.

The group warned of a future protest to aimed at forcing government to create jobs for the unemployed.

The infamous yellow pigs meant to symbolise the rampant greed and corruption in Uganda were last brought to town in October 2014.


Yellow pigs on Kampala streets


The pigs had hats resembling the historical President Yoweri Museveni’s hat.

Months earlier, Norman Tumuhimbise and Robert Mayanja, hit headlines after sneaking yellow painted pigs into Parliament.

The culturally known greedy beasts came to be termed as “M-Pigs” insinuating that they too were Members of Parliament or represented the behaviour of our MPs.

At the moment, President Museveni is in Kisoro presiding over Labour Day celebrations while the youth continue to cry over unemployment.

Activist Justus Amanya says Uganda has 85% unemployment yet government officials are busy celebrating Labour Day.

“Sometimes I feel humanity is its own enemy. More money splashed for a “celebration” of labour in a poor citizenry where 85% learned & able bodied Ugandans cannot work.

“If I go to Agricultural Sector which would employ majority or all; the political will to empower it remains ceremonial and only limited to “Slogan Projects” like NAADS, Boona Bagagawale to mention but a few; the National Budgetary allocation is at 3% for a sector dominating 98%.”

The NRM government on the other hand boasts of having created over 13 million jobs and enacted several legislation for improving employment conditions and labour relations.

Youth unemployment in Uganda is the highest in Africa.

A recent study, Lost opportunity? Gaps in youth policy and programming in Uganda, published by ActionAid, put youth unemployment at 62%, although the African Development Bank says it could be as high as 83%.

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