Yellow pigs at parliament insist they’re also NRM


A pig donning a yellow hat

Yellow pigs have been dropped at the Ugandan parliament again.

Witnesses at the legislative house say two of the world’s greediest beasts were dropped by an unidentified man riding on a motor cycle Wednesday morning.

They were painted yellow (the ruling party’s favourite colour) with writings “M-Pigs”, “We are equally NRM” inscribed on their skins.

Wrapped in a box, the piglets were dropped at the gate to parliament and directed to go inside as the rider sped away very fast.

Parliament police was swift to pick and lock away the “yellow tresspassers”.

More cops were deployed to secure the August House from further unfortunate incidents.

In June 2014, Robert Mayanja and Norman Tumuhimbise, dropped two piglets named “M-Pigs” at Parliament equating the country’s legislators’ greed to that of pigs.

The duo was arrested, produced before City Hall Court Grade One Magistrate, Erias Kakooza, charged with interrupting Parliament activities, criminal trespass and conspiracy to sneak piglets into Parliament and committed to Luzira maximum prison.

More yellow painted pigs were dropped at Watoto church and Total Jinja Road opposite Uganda House by a motorcyclist.

A document purportedly authored by the Jobless brotherhood was found at the scene expressing anger at the NRM Government over several issues including unemployment.

On Labour Day 2015, the yellow pigs, symbolic of corruption, were thrown on the streets of Jinja town.

The pigs had hats resembling the historical President Yoweri Museveni’s hat.

Youth unemployment in Uganda is the highest in Africa.

Back in the 90s, a British author, George Orwell, published a famous fable titled “Animal Farm”.

In the fable that was to later conquer the world as the best depiction of the 1917 Russian Revolution, Orwell painted the picture of greedy militaristic despots through his main character, Napoleon (a prize boar).

Napoleon’s right-hand man was Squealer, a nomenclature of spy and informer taking the shape of modern government spies who bug or record politicians on tapes unknowingly.

With the help of Squealer, Napoleon was able to banish Snowball, a symbol of democracy and reinstate totalitarianism which they fought against while still under the maltreatment of farmer, Jones.

By the end of the book, Napoleon, a pig is much alike humans than farmer Jones himself.

One of the characters, Benjamin the donkey is reputed for having philosophically said: “what goes around always comes around” to summarise the failure of the Russian Revolution.


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