X-Files from the village


By Denis Wabuyi



It rained yesterday evening, the wind was too much and we know that several homesteads have been destroyed especially the grass thatched.


Most people head to Kimwanga market. When you ask a person he will say “We are going to burry Macheche”. Not that Macheche has died but it has its hidden meaning. So for us we burry “Macheche” every tuesday. Some people just go there to enjoy “kwete” and “inguli mandure” but you can’t imagine missing Kimwanga.


Throughout the night we have been battling an owl which was bleating from close to our home. The cry of an owl is a sign of bad news to follow and we can’t stand it. In fact it’s worse when it lands on your house. It is a sign that a family member will die. We woke up afraid of what may happen till we heard the beat of the drum. The news? Wambi Wapondo went to Kimwanga but never returned home. A search was mounted.


The body of this man was found dangling on a big log which formed the bridge of the roaring Marekerero, a seasonal stream. The bridge was swept away but we didn’t know it has been swept away with a person. The foul smell couldn’t allow us to keep the body for the night. More so he may have died Tuesday evening after drowning in Marekerero.


What follows a burial is three days without digging until the third day from the day of burial (shiyungu). It will be a Sunday.


We couldn’t do the community work because of the tragedy that struck us. I am surprised that no much speculation has not been raised as to the cause of the death. Some people have a tendency of strangling others and throwing them into the water. Anyways, the rituals will be done and everything will be revealed. More so if he was killed, he will rise through a person and reveal it.


The sermon was marked by criticism of men who have resorted to drinking themselves silly. To close the week, Wetunga who took close to a “fanta” of waragi was found lying unconscious close to the grave. He was made to drink a cup of his sister’s urine to regain his consciousness. I wonder why only a woman’s urine is used in such circumstances. “Shiyungu” for Wambi Wapondo went well, we ate, drank and danced.

Till next week, we shall keep you posted…………………

The writer is an accountant, researcher and writer.  He writes about business and the X-Files. You can find his work on our site or via Google.

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