X-FILES from the village


By Denis Wabuyi (accountant, researcher and writer)


Everything now rotates around imbalu. Makokyi is someone who was circumcised in the same year with you. Bamakokyi hold high respect for one another and have powers to cast a spell upon another’s children in case they have disagreements on Bumakokyi.


Since Mwalye lost his son, Wamono the old man has never remained the same. He has made several trips to Bunyole but it seems nothing good has and will ever come out of

the visits. That is what we thought . So far Mwalye has been going to Bunyole for weeks but nothing good has come out of this.


When you’re going to face the knife, nothing scares as much as cutting your vein, (lusiya). When this happens, the wound bleeds profusely until given first aid. Munialo’s lusiya bled the whole night though the blood outlet was not so scary. But being late, we kept the case to ourselves. Namawa will join us early morning to fix that.


Fixing a cut vein is more painful than the circumcision itself and when Namawa reached home, Munialo suddenly changed, he would rather endure losing blood than have someone touch his wound to fix the vein. Munialo was wondering why Namawa would reach him and fail to do his job as he always does. Munialo was told to undress, hold on to the chair and face up. Eventually we had the vein fixed.


If Munialo thinks fixing lusiya is painful, he should request that Bamasaba  give him chance. He should accept that when Umushebi forgets likhoba (it is more difficult ). The Umushebi has to go through the already painful wound and remove the small kill.


“Bamasaaba khwarera” from all sides. This will mark our Saturday. Moving from one house to another to witness the circumcision.


We have no grudge with God, Sunday is always preserved for him. But like previously, Mutambo drank himself silly until he blacked out again. For him to regain consciousness, a women’s urine is thrown down his throat. He has so far drank urine from 4 women. After 30 minutes he regained consciousness and asked for more waragi. We gave him water.

Till then, we shall keep you posted.

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