X-Files from the village


By Denis Wabuyi

Traditional doctors don’t ask for money to offer you their services. It is you to go back and appreciate the ancestors in a reasonable way. Don’t think that the white goat they ask for or shell of a female tortoise is their pay. Take your best chicken or a goat to the extreme. I told you about bringing back the spirit of Wamono from Bumashebe which was successful. Now villagers are claiming that his ghost is roaming the village. A traditional doctor has been asked to come to our rescue.

A typical traditional doctor (umufumu) can be noticed from the onset. For they don’t talk much, dress differently and don’t socialize. As soon as he arrived, he was ushered into the main house of Mwalye. In the evening we the relatives were summoned to Mwalye’s home but Wanda’s family refused to attend. Late into the night as quiet took its toll, Wamono’s spirit was conjured through Mukhwana. Suddenly her voice changed from the pitched sweet voice of an adolescent girl to the hoarse voice of Wamono. It all seemed like drama but all the 10 people in the dark were gripped with Fear. He made his demands and in a low voice the doctor asked, “Who took your body?”
“The one with the long neck” he said. “They are planning to burn me”

It was a long sort of interview that brought out the Genesis of the trouble in the village.
A few minutes before the Cock could crow, we all moved out, a black goat was slaughtered. Each of us were asked to dip our hand into the blood and test it.
To arrest the ghost of Wamono from haunting the village, hot water was poured into the grave. This is one way of chasing away the ghost.

A “lizi” was made for Mukhwana. the importance was to keep the spirit of death away from her. It is very typical of twins that the spirit which takes one can come for the other twin.

The best of our lives are the times we lived together as a community. Those times when there was trust and love that if a seed fell onto the ground we could pick it, break it into two and share as a family.

Mzee Mutenyo came limping like a person suffering from lifaa (hydrocele) but he said it is imbanyafu.

By now we are used to strange men and women. What is scaring us though are the veiled persons who have visited Wanda’s house two times this week.

Till then, we shall keep you posted.

Denis Wabuyi is an accountant, researcher and writer.  He writes the X-Files from the village each Thursday.

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