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It is not true that Women don’t eat chicken in Bugisu.

It is only that there are those parts reserved for the man of the house.

But anyway we don’t slaughter chicken unless we have visitors or when there is an outbreak of Khawooya (coccidiocis).

When we slaughter, the back and the gizzard is reserved for head of the family. So when 2 of our chicken suddenly died, we feared that they could have been poisoned.

We therefore gave a piece to Watenga to taste. We then kept the rest. If Watenga doesn’t get any complications, we shall eat it tomorrow.


Mzee went to Kimwanga but came back at an unusual time yet he normally comes back in the evening normally drunk on “kwete” with “Kamalasile” in his reed basket “Shikapu”.

When Ken went to welcome him back, he just pushed the boy aside. Something must be very wrong with him because even shikapu was empty.

“I always tell this boy not cross my path when am leaving home for a journey but he is as dumb as his mother”. He said that as he took his chair in the tree shade.

“Umukhamunyu” our father calls our mother by her clan name. “Get me my chicken, lemme hope Watenga is ok”.

What started the fight was to learn that they have not kept for him the gizzard.

I have never seen my father this angry but he pushed the stool over with its content.


It was today that “Umukhamunyu” mother told us what happened.

Mzei went to the market and found some people playing a gambling game called “pata potea” and he staked all his money knowing that one was the correct lot only to lose it.

They had a bitter argument with the operators of the game which ended in a fight but being elderly, he could not recover his money from the energetic gumblers.

Finding when his gizzard is missing brought back the anger and he ended up hurting his own.

But arguments between our parents since time immemorial have always been settled in laughter between the two.


Wanda has hosted some people, they say they are religious people but their leader doesn’t have a collar.

They call themselves brother and sister, their leaders call themselves pastor, then there is this funny one who calls himself “umurume”.

That he is like apostle Paul and Peter. They don’t preach like the catholic priest. When they pray you may think they are talking face to face with the devil.

We hear they are going to sleep around. How can someone leave their fathers’ religion and join this cult? They claim to talk to God.


Wanda’s visitors spent the whole night murmuring and saying strange things.

When we drew close to the house we could hear them speak strange languages.

Are these not the jins they say that come from Kenya? They always tell us that they have hooves but these ones had normal feet.

During the day they started moving around Wanda’s compound murmuring some words.

Are they casting a spell on us? We just looked on, we wanted to see if their actions are against the norms but there was nothing to blame them for. They are strange people.


The village was awoken by the bright light that shone upon the village,

Wanda’s shrine was on fire and these strange people were just cheering. This is unbelievable, they have set the shrine on fire, they are burning down the home to the ancestors of Wanda’s clan.

At first, we also looked on until we realised that this will cause us problems.

The ancestors once cast out will roam the village looking for homage. We tried to put out the fire but the grass thatch was unstoppable.

We could not even save the stuff for circumcision. Only the pots were saved but the contents were burnt to ashes.

After failing to save the shrine, all the anger turned to the “arsonists” who seemed not to be moved .

By the time the RC came to their rescue, their leader had been clobbered to severity. He was bleeding profusely but continued thanking Jesus!

Wanda’s family was however not harmed. The RC immediately told the strange people to leave our village. We know that the spirits will surely revenge against this act.


The day was spent in a clan meeting. Wanda is said to have been born with a strange animal and by virtue he was in custody of all the spirits and ancestors.

It is said he had powers and could heal some strange diseases.

It is why he survived his brother Mwalye’s witchcraft from Bunyole. But now with the shrine gone, all this will be stripped off him,

Till then, we shall keep you updated>>>

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