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This might sound useless to you but not so useless to others.

Knowing Time Zones is very important.  The main reason for it is you need to be able to convert the time from where you are to where the other person is.  This will save you from some errors (which you might think are minute) and might get you that job or that help you need.

Ugandans have a habit of calling people as soon as they wake up or sending them messages and then getting annoyed for not being answered promptly.

On the image above, look for London UK.  It is about the middle of the picture.  That is the Great Meridian Time (GMT).  You have to use this is as your bearing.  Then move to the left of it and it shows how many hours are negative, meaning these people are likely sleeping when you are awake the more bars to the left the more likely.

Then move to the right, they are positive meaning they are awake before you (think China and Japan).  Each bar is an hour.

For example California is at Midnight when Uganda is at 10am.

Picture this, you are waiting for an interview via Skype.  The line rings. You say “Good Evening madam”. You are in Uganda, it is 7pm your time.  The interviewer is in Seattle and the time there is 9am.  Do you see how this will work out?  You are at evening time and the interviewer is morning time.

Stick to “Hello, how are you?”.

The other thing is many of us on social media leave our accounts logged in and our phones on full volume in case there is an emergency from home.  Please use inboxing and beeping discreetly because that too wakes up people.

The other thing is seeing someone online and assuming they are there for you to say “hia, hz dea”.

In the olden days, we were never allowed to call anyone past 8pm or earlier than 9am.  Social media needs to be treated as the good old phone.  Do not call people at 3am your time just because you are awake.  You should not also call them in their night time when they are sleeping.

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Moncton, Canada is 7hrs behind Uganda.  Canada has 6 timezones.

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