Winnie warns Museveni on impact of repressive rule


Oxfam executive director, Winnie Byanyima, has warned President Yoweri Museveni’s government to watch out for the impact of repressive rule.

Winnie was angered by the abuse security forces are meting out to Ugandans, the same people they should protect.

She warned of repercussions arising from a failed democracy including the declining of the economy and political instability.

“The price of a grossly mismanaged election: can’t be concluded legally, political instability, economic decline,” Winnie tweeted Monday.

She said the Thursday Uganda election “is inconclusive”.

“It should be in NRM’s interest to allow opposition to challenge results in court,” she argued.

She even joked about her husband wearing a hood while being arrested outside their home on Monday, saying “Its cool to have a hoodie in your closet, but it’s a required item if you live in teargas land”.

She wondered how Besigye will petition court over rigged elections when he has been under house arrest only to be whisked off to jail where he cannot meet his lawyers or gather evidence.

“How will this [challenging election results] happen when the opposition candidate is in prison and can’t meet his campaign team?”

“Day2/10 @kizzabesigye1 imprisoned, can’t see his lawyers & campaign team to gather evidence.”

She wondered whether police will raise funds, hire a team of lawyers and statisticians, ferry agents and supporters on behalf of the candidate they are incarcerating.

“Besigye [is] in prison, he can’t go out raise funds to deploy a team to gather evidence countrywide.”

Winnie asked all citizens to rise to defend their rights.

She described what is happening in the country as “democratic deficits only!”

She was also disturbed by a second police raid on FDC offices resulting in the arrest of eight data entry clerks and alleged destruction of documents.

“How will the declared results be challenged legally in 10 days? It’s Day2. FDC offices raided.”

President Yoweri Museveni said Besigye cannot be allowed to read out “false results”.

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