Winnie to sue Byabashaija in international courts

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Winnie Byanyima

Winnie Byanyima says Luzira authorities once more blocked her from speaking to her husband Kizza Besigye who is being incarcerated over treason charges.

In a series of tweets, Winnie said denying basic rights to all prisoners is unacceptable.
“Abusing the rights of Besigye will be fought for,” she tweeted.

She then directed her grievances to the Commissioner General of Prisons Dr. Johnson Byabashaija.

“Please check your text for my two messages and kindly reply. I will call again and hopefully you will answer my call. Thank you,” she tweeted to Byabashaija.

The prisons boss replied: “@FDCOfficial1 @Winnie_Byanyima @kizzabesigye1. Can’t access KB? Why?”
Winnie said Byabashaija started by refusing to answer or return her calls and texts.

“I’m stepping up demand that Besigye has access to family, up to highest authority and will go to court and mobilise globally. No surrender!” she warned.

“Tired of begging for our rights. I’m standing up for Besigye other prisoners whose rights are trampled upon.”
Winnie said when national courts fail; one can only appeal international courts.

“When voices at home are silenced, others speak up in solidarity. I claim my rights. Pushing government institutions to deliver on rights will help other citizens. I’m not asking for favours.”

Winnie warned critics that making light of someone’s suffering and humiliation is callous not funny.

On June 8, Winnie was blocked by prisons authorities from speaking with Besigye.

“Prison bosses have refused to let me speak to Besigye,” Winnie tweeted, adding, “I won’t beg them but continue to demand right of prisoner to family visit/call.”

The former Mbarara municipality legislator says she is hurt by the arrogance and abuse of power.

Winnie further pointed out: “We have been reduced to beggars. Government services are a favour.”

She said at first authorities allowed her to call any day before restricting her only to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Uganda Prisons Spokesperson, Frank Baine, said they have never denied any prisoner a right to speak with his/her family.

He said Winnie’s case could have been caused by a large number of prisoners who were accessing a similar service at the time.

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