Winnie humbles Mwenda in titanic twitter war

Winnie Byanyima

Winnie Byanyima

A war of words broke out over the weekend as senior journalist Andrew Mwenda dared challenge the wife of opposition leader and Oxfam boss Winnie Byanyima.

Apparently, Winnie returned home from Rwanda only to be blocked by police that demanded to search her bags.

Winnie cried out on Twitter saying police had gone as far as blocking her from entering her own home in Kasangati Wakiso district.

Mwenda in his usual style had no kind words for Winnie but shot out: “@Winnie_Byanyima & her hubby @kizzabesigye1 with Museveni claimed such police behaviour was personal to Obote. Now the 2 claim its personal to M7.”

The former Mbarara municipality legislator has never been known for taking any nonsense and she moved out to set the record straight.

She told off Mwenda, reminding the journalist how he has over the years acquired and maintained “dishonesty” to “support dictatorships”.

“You are dishonest! This abuse of law enforcement is typical of all dictatorships, including Museveni’s & Obote [former president Milton Obote’s]. No innovation here,” Winnie fired at Mwenda.

Mwenda could not let that go but pointed out that Winnie was happily in government with Museveni when scores of opposition politicians lived in Luzira prisons and could not hold rallies.

Winnie then reminded the journalist about her record on human rights saying she was never happy that opposition members were being incarcerated.

“What is dishonest there? Is this “abuse of law enforcement” new? Wasn’t it happening when you were a supporter of Museveni?” the untiring Mwenda asked.

“Get me right Mwenda I’ve used every platform I’ve had to advance human rights. Never changed my stand. And you?” she challenged.

Winnie said when she spoke against human rights violations by UPDF in DR Congo, she was jailed.

Unyielding Winnie also fought and defeated government in a sedition charge, saying she was proud of herself.

Mwenda then changed ground and now approached from a political point of view.

“@Winnie_Byanyima You used to be in DP, changed to NRM and now to FDC. So you have been changing. I’ve never belonged to any political party,” he fired out.

Winnie reminded him that she is a member of many women’s groups as well.

“It’s what I stand for that doesn’t change, human rights. And you?” she threw back the challenge.

Losing this ground too, Mwenda now went defensive.

“@LindaNEK I do not support police blocking @Winnie_Byanyima from her home. I just wanted her to admit she contributed to this situation,” he said.

Winnie denied the charge straight away.

“I didn’t, I fought and still do. You were with us in challenging a growing dictatorship till you joined the dictatorship,” she reminded the journalist who is now labelled a “sell-out” by his critics.

Mwenda insisted: “@Winnie_Byanyima u were a strong supporter of NRM when it was killing people in Mukura, Acholi etc., and blocking political party activities.”

“I wasn’t a ‘strong supporter’ I was critical. On record challenging NRA cattle theft in Teso. check Hansard!,” she replied.

Follow the war down here:

Mwenda:  @Winnie_Byanyima You were in NRM when it was involved in huge corruption scandals like bank paribus, ghost soldiers, burning of Lubiri etc

Winnie:  I led fierce anti-corruption battles against NRM thru 90s till I left. Mwenda u can’t change history.

Mwenda: @Winnie_Byanyima You were in NRM during the 1996 elections when it beat up Semogere supporters and killed some of them

Winnie:  1996,NRM  led by RDC Sikubwabo Kyeyune fought me beat my supporters etc I won all my 3 elections vs NRM

Mwenda: @Winnie_Byanyima You were in NRM during the 1996 elections when it beat up Semogere supporters and killed some of them

Winnie: My volunteers in 3 elections beaten & maimed by NRM. Mwenda don’t shift focus you defend  repression, dictatorship

Mwenda: @Winnie_Byanyima So why did u remain for a decade and more supporting a govt that violated your core principles?

Winnie: I didn’t I criticised it always and everywhere I was

Mwenda:  @Winnie_Byanyima So for u, one either agrees with you or they have lost it?

Winnie: You’ve lost it because you can’t explain why you defend such gross abuse of human rights! You’ve lost your soul

Mwenda: @Winnie_Byanyima At least have courage to admit that no govt can be perfect and association with it does not mean agreement with all it does

Winnie: We would like to hear you when you disagree. A lot is wrong here.

Mwenda:  Can u quote one “gross abuse” of human rights that I have defended?

Winnie: I leave it to the tweeterers to list for you ….

Mwenda: @Winnie_Byanyima You used to make many public and private (to me) arguments defending NRM while acknowledging its imperfections

Winnie: That’s true. I criticised NRM publicly, was fired 4 speaking up on human rights violations. You defend dictatorship

Mwenda: @Winnie_Byanyima Please save me and yourself from this holier than thou attitude. You are just an ordinary person which many imperfections

Winnie: Yes I’m not perfect, but I have a public record I defend.

Mwenda: @Winnie_Byanyima Please save me and yourself from this holier than thou attitude. You are just an ordinary person which many imperfections

Winnie: You can’t challenge my public record & then not expect a defense. You get what you ask 4

Mwenda: @Winnie_Byanyima That is the stuff from demagogues and upcoming tyrants. You didn’t even use “we” for once. All as i i i

Winnie: You challenged my public record, I defended it. It was my accountability, I wasn’t accounting 4 others. & u Mwenda?


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