Wildlife trafficker arrested in Mubende


After an intensive investigation a wildlife trafficker was arrested trying to sell three Colobus Monkey pelts/skins and other contraband.

The operation was carried out by NRCN/Natural Resource Conservation Network officials and Uganda Police.

The trafficker, who is a hunter and motorbike rider, often activated hunter groups in the area of Nabingola in Mubende district, arrived to Nabingola trading centre, where he waited along the road for close to 4 hours waiting for the transaction to take place.

But being already eager to receive the money from the buyer, was immediately arrested red handed with the contraband.

He is a notorious trafficker well known in those parts of Mubende and is now behind the bars waiting for trial, facing up to 1 year imprisonment if found guilty.


Colobus monkeys in Africa are the black and the olive.

Colobus monkey/locally known as Engeye lives in all types of closed forests, including montane and gallery forests.

Bamboo stands are also popular dwelling spots for the colobus.

According to Muhindo Laban, a Media Assistant, Natural Resource Conservation Network, colobus monkeys can Weigh up to 15 to 30 lb and live up to Up to 20 years in captivity, Habitat is Forests, Diet Omnivorous and Gestation About 6 months.

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