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Why NRM Poor youth travel first class, drive posh cars


Adam Luzindana, chairperson NRM youth in a plane


“How can one call himself a Poor Youth yet travels first class and drives posh cars?” a one Ezra Mugume said to be allied to President Yoweri Museveni, asked on Thursday.

Mugume was discussing youth politics with Musa Mukiibi, the NRM Poor youth Mobilizer, on NBS TV after a section of ‘Poor Youth’ defected to Museveni camp this week.

Mugume wondered why an individual [Amama Mbabazi] would be a patron of a group with “a poor ideology”.

Asked whether the poor youth have any credibility in Uganda, Mukiibi insisted “Poor Youth are credible because they are reaching out to many people in Uganda”.

Mukiibi said the Poor Youth are still part of the NRM and want to restructure the party from within. ‪

But Mugume pointed out that it was the Poor Youth that caused chaos at Amama Mbabazi’s residence wondering whether that was “restructuring”.

“How can one call himself a Poor Youth yet travels first class and drives posh cars?” Mugume asked.

Mukiibi pointed out to his colleague that President Museveni “has spent a lot of money trying to fight the Poor Youth” because they [Poor Youth] have managed to mobilize over 12 million youth in Uganda.

Mukiibi further accused President Museveni of running the country like his home.‪

What is NRM Poor Youth

NRM Poor Youth Forum was founded on 7th February 2014 with mission of mobilizing and sensitizing the poor youth of Uganda to benefit from available government programs and to demand for fundamental change in the governance of Uganda and economic development of Uganda.


Kato Isa is the coordinator NRM Poor youth

During the NRM Parliamentary caucus in February 2014 which took place in Kyankwanzi in which NRM Members of parliament adopted a Kangaroo resolution endorsing Museveni as the Sole NRM Presidential candidate which contradicts the NRM Constitution and the constitution of Uganda.

The group was formed to; oppose the Kangaroo resolution which was adopted by the NRM Parliamentary caucus in Kyankwanzi, nominate Mbabazi as NRM Presidential candidate and NRM Party Chairman 2016, mobilize the young and poor youth of Uganda and other marginalized communities to oppose president Museveni, mobilize the poor Youth of Uganda and the poor people of Uganda to also mobilize and support Mbabazi for president of Uganda 2016-2021 and mobilize the people of Uganda to demand for better service delivery.

Isa Kato and Richard Kirekyankuba are their coordinators of the NRM Poor Youth.

Why they travel first class and drive posh cars

At the close of 2014, Willy Omodo Omodo, who is also the ruling NRM party’s national youth vice chairman in charge of northern Uganda and Adam Luzindana, the NRM Poor youth chairperson met Museveni and allegedly defected from Amama.

It was later discovered that Omodo Omodo reportedly asked the president to provide money to victims of Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency after presenting a snake bite victim as a landmine victim.

Omodo omodo

Omodo Omodo and Museveni

It is said Museveni promised to get back to him, its not clear whether he got the cash.

Luzindana and Omodo were arrested in the same year and remanded at Luzira prison over acts of bribery to oppose the decision of NRM MPs endorsing Museveni as the party’s 2016 sole candidate.

Kisozi fight

In January 2015, the poor youth met Museveni at Kisozi ranch in Kalungu district.

They included; Patrick Nakabale, the youth MP for central region, David Kabanda (NRM youth chairman, Sembabule), Ibrahim Kitatta, (NRM youth chairman, Lwengo) and Willy Omodo Omodo (NRM youth league vice-chairman for northern Uganda).

According to The Observer, about 30 youths led by Andrew Kiryowa, the Wakiso NRM youth chairperson, almost interrupted the late-evening meeting, demanding that Museveni meets them instead and accusing their colleagues as “self-seekers concerned about their stomachs not the interests of the youths”.

Kitatta and group tabled a demand of Shs 700 million to start income-generating projects of their own.

Museveni reportedly instructed his private secretary, Major Edith Nakalema, to give them “facilitation” amounting to Shs 3.2 million with each getting Shs 100,000 which they rejected.

At the same meeting, Omodo Omodo was seen cruising in Museveni’s posh car around the ranch.


Omodo cruises with Museveni

Lango cash-Omodo

Last week, reports circulated that Omodo Omodo was feuding with Brig. Henry Tumukunde over Museveni money.

Omodo Omodo, according to social media critic Tom Voltaire Okwalinga, recruited three influential persons in every parish in Lango sub region.

State House would send him billions to nuetralise his former boss, Amama in Lango.

Senior spy Tumukunde reportedly travelled to Lango and promised to fund a Ben Wacha campaign to a tune of Shs 200m after “eliminating Omodo”.

During the 2011 campaign, Ben Wacha was allegedly sponsored by Museveni with the hope that one he would be elected deputy speaker of parliament.

This week, NRM youth confessed being paid Shs 1.5m each in Bugolobi to defect from Amama back to Museveni.

Rich NRM Chairperson, Luzindana 

In February 2015, Luzindana who had already declared returning to Amama camp, was photographed leaning against his new Benz GL 420 BlueTEC.


Adam’s wheels

While abandoning the group, Sadam Ismail, once of the founders accused Luzindana of using the group to make money and enrich himself.

Sadam Ismail the former second division coordinator NRM Poor Youth Forum (in charge of preparing Mbabazi’s manifesto) said the group was an advertisement house for Adam Luzindana Buyinza Group company, a showbiz room for its supreme leaders cars and property.

“Luzindana has shunned youth activities and is only interested in making money now,” Sadam revealed.

Luzindana has since denied the allegations saying the group is fighting for the common man and not making money.

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