Why FDC boycott of Museveni, musicians cannot work


FDC’s “Free My Vote Campaign” against Museveni and Tubonga Nawe musicians who campaigned for him cannot work for several reasons.

I will just give four, although it is possible to give even 10. First, in Uganda people are either employed by somebody or are self-employed.

In either case, you cannot afford to skip work and stay at home for the simple reason that you will face disciplinary action from your boss or you will not be able to put food on the table.

As for leaving a taxi that plays a Tubonga Nawe artist’s song, I think that would be to impose censorship on artistic work.

Besides, Ugandans who use taxis are poor people. If I have paid 2,000 Shs from Kampala to Gayaza and I leave the taxi somewhere, say Wandegeya, because the driver has played a Tubonga Nawe artist, it means I would have to get into another taxi and pay double the fare.

If the same thing happens, I would have to get to a third taxi and pay yet another fair. You see. The campaign is for those with money.

The call upon Ugandans to leave functions attended by Museveni is also unrealistic for while you may not support Museveni or believe that he won the election, there are other ties that bind people over and above the political party one belongs to.

In fact, it is now common to see people of the same family supporting different political parties. My home is an example.

There are family members who support NRMO (for instance my sister Jane and my parents); there are also those who support FDC (for instance my brother Jolly and Lawrence).

So what happens when we are to attend an event where Museveni or Tubonga Nawe artists are present? Should the family be divided because of the different political parties we belong to?

Then there is the point that Bebe Cool raised: this is a free country where you choose the party you like, however defective it is.

NRMO is terribly defective, it is true, but people have the right to choose the party they want, even a terribly corrupt and inefficient one like NRMO that would rather spend billions and billions and billions of Shillings on rigged elections instead of fixing hospitals and schools.

Finally, the Government includes NRMO and other parties as well – it is not just Museveni and NRMO. Look at Kasese, for instance.

At sub-county level, FDC has more seats than NRMO. So it is the majority Party in Sub-county Government. In Parliament, NRMO has the majority seats but other parties also have seats there.

So it is wrong to think that because Museveni is the President (never mind how he ‘won’ the election), his Government is a single-party one. I think this is the point that FDC misses.

Dr Danson Sylvester Kahyana, the author, is a lecturer at Makerere University

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