Why care about the US elections of 2016


The United States of America (USA sometimes called US) is a world super power.

USA can build you up and take you down. Read history.

US elections get very nasty as during elections, Republicans and Democratics go for each others juggler. They dig into each other’s life you have any idea.

This year we are facing a lawyer, diplomat and spouse of a former president.  Mrs. Hillary Clinton has had many things come up about her work and emails scandle. It did not help that at the last hour the FBI director anmounced an investigation into her emails. He had his own reasons but influenced the elections.

Then we have a businessman who has been running on his money. Never mind that Mr. Donald Trump filed for bankrutcy many times but always got up.

Trump got caught on denigrating women, praising dictators and saying Americans are very stupid and if he ran for presidency, he could count on Republicans to vote him into power. Plus he has those tax filings.

Here where things got bad for both candidates. Hillary was exposed for lying while Trump was being exposed for being anti immigration and anti Muslim.

Both the Democratic party and Republican party have a lot to do on the PR side. Goodluck.

In the end, Americans will stick for GOD BLESS AMERICA AND NO ONE ELSE.

Then along comes Uganda. Most people only listened to Trump say he would throw Museveni and Mugabe into jail. He has no mandate. Congress would never allow him.

Then Clinton is perceived by many Europeans as a war monger and might cause WW3 because of Mr. Vladmin Putin. I beg you to read the Wikileaks when Hillary Clinton was with Putin in Moscow.

I now start to cover US elections. As a Canadian, I frankly do not care.

Americans deserve better but are stuck with Trump and Clinton.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

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