Western countries warn Museveni against use of force


The United States of America and UK, two of the most supportive countries that have kept Museveni in power have warned him of severe consequences should the Museveni regime use force to kill demonstrators after the election.

UPDF was also warned to not get involved in cracking down on the demonstrators which prompted Katumba Wamala to publicly state that the army will never be used to kill people.

Museveni was also forced to make a statement regarding the violence talk emanating from his regime.

It is alleged that the Uganda police trucks and personnel carriers Museveni bought from South Africa have been refused to leave Kenya until Uganda has paid its debt towards Kenya which has infuriated the regime in Kampala.

The world is putting Museveni and his government on notice that this election will not be business as usual.

The world has seen cheerful crowds attending Dr. Kizza Besigye’s political rallies as an indicator of people starving for change.

Museveni responded by accusing Daily Monitor of deliberately doctoring his pictures to make it look like he has less support in the country which made his regime file a complaint against Daily Monitor Newspaper and also stopped NTV from covering his political campaigns but he forgot that agataliiko nfuufu news, is only seen inside Uganda.

The world is paying attention to the gentleman who has been a pinnacle of peace in the great lakes region but purchasing tear gas tracks days before the elections is making people wonder.

“John Kirby, the Spokesperson, Bureau of Public Affairs Washington, DC,  in a statement Friday January 15, 2016, said the United States was concerned that the electoral environment in Uganda is deteriorating in the run-up to national polls next month.”

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