We need to promote Ugandan artists


Last year president Museveni announced more funding for the artists in Uganda.  This is commendable because it is very much needed.

President Museveni has also been supporting sports over his last 30+ years in power.

Here is where things get a bit complicated.

We seem to be relying on him to do all the work when we can all do some work.  Certainly, the schools and parents as well as the communities need to support sports because an active person is a productive person.

Where music and other arts are concerned, we seem to forget that the artists need income while they work on their art and need support by us buying their work or attending their shows in big numbers.

Most countries have an Artist Association of some kind or a Film Board.  For example, the National Film Board of Canada funds projects and the money is always in the budget to support upcoming film makers and existing ones. This helps to give a chance to new talent.  France has the same thing.  Refer to Canada here: https://www.nfb.ca/

Uganda does not seem to have a film board.  You are on your own.  Yet there are many films being made in Uganda. We need to find a way to formalize this and support the artists.

Uganda has a Uganda Artists Association but to this day I wonder how it supports new and upcoming artists.

Us the people need to get involved.  We promote so much music from Western countries and yet leave our talent behind.

Music promotion generally involves big expenses.  For example, you pay the rent, the food, the recording fees, the video costs, the school fees for the musicians, any dancers, videographers, studio time, promotion on radios and TV stations, etc…  This work should not be delegated to individuals alone of some greedy managers.  What happens in the end is a lot of auto tuning because it is cheaper than paying for the real thing.

Artists also have a part to play in this.  Lobby for your rights.  Sell your talent.  Stop lip singing and auto tuning.  Can you imagine being booked for a live performance and your voice does not come out as we hear it on the radio or Youtube?  Shaaa.. please get serious.

I am aware that some of the artists who participated in Tubonga Nawe are being shunned.  Pray tell me, how else do they earn income?  They need money.  Someone pays, they sing and perform.  It is supply and demand and basic economics.

Finally, the schools need to take the arts seriously.  Music opens up minds and allows creativity.  Very much like drawing and painting.  These things, as much as they might sound like useless actually lead to some wonderfully talented people you read about later that can make our country shine on the global stage.  Not only that, the arts enhance the left side of the brain which helps students perform very well in Mathematics and Sciences.

Here is a video from one of the Ugandan Musicians (Rexy) with artwork by Ssebulime (Ugandan).


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