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Watch out for liars-Museveni tells Kaberamaido


Museveni greets supporters at a rally in Kaberamaido


I want to thank the people of Kaberamaido, who massively turned up for my rally there this afternoon.

We have made great strides as a country because of the NRM principle of all-inclusiveness. The correctness of NRM plans can be judged by what has already been done. Kaberamaido has 154 primary schools, most are government-aided.

In 1961, I went to Ntare School and I found boys from Teso like Ateker Ejalu. At that time, the whole of Eastern Uganda didn’t have an A-level school. Mwiri, Nabumali, were O-level. I am glad that now, Kaberamaido alone has more than eight secondary schools.

The problem was in the past. It was a wrong beginning. But the NRM has corrected this with the right ideology.

We did away with religious sectarianism, tribalism, discrimination against women, the youth and the disabled. We value everybody.

That ideology gave us stability which in turn gave us strength and development. The electricity we now see in Kaberamaido is development or dongolobo in Kumam.

But we’re remaining with one problem of Chan or poverty. It is why the NRM has added another word Lonyo or abar or wealth.

We started with NAADS and involved the army. When coming from Kalaki, I could see some gardens of citrus and mabati houses. It means people are waking up. I am told there is big thirst for these seedlings. We had put UGX200b in the budget but its not enough. We shall increase to UGX1,000b in the coming budget. This will also come with oxen and ox ploughs for you.

Watch out for liars or lagobas who will come here saying we can do everything in one go. That is not possible, that is why we prioritise.

For example we have electricity here out of prioritizing and using our own money.


We shall use same principle to prioritise seedlings so that you get out of poverty. Besides NAADS, we shall also put emphasis on the Youth Fund. It has UGX54b now, but in coming budget we shall have UGX234b. Same for the Women Fund, Microfinance Fund that will go to UGX180b from current UGX44b.

The same way we did for electricity, we shall do for these funds. In 2006, we were putting UGX300b in your roads. We are now putting UGX3,300b in roads. It’s why we’re able to make roads like Mbale to Moroto, Soroti to Lira, ferry from Lwapange to Namasale.

On power in 2006 we were putting UGX170b we now put UGX2,200b. It’s how Amolatar, Otuke, Kalongo, Kaberamaido, Dokolo, all have electricity. It’s because we prioritised.

The other area we prioritised was health, specifically immunization. There’s no NRM child with polio.

Finally, let me request you people to stop harvesting immature fish. I directed that the fisheries officers who were harassing you be removed but I also appeal that you don’t catch immature fish.

Finally, I ask that you vote NRM. It is only us who can take the boat safely across the lake. The others will sink you.

President Yoweri Museveni’s address to Kaberamaido on Wednesday

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