War at state house: Nakalema fights Kamukama infront of Museveni


Maj Nakalema [L] and Molly Kamukama

The never-ending State House war resumed last week when Maj Edith Nakalema, the president’s private secretary took up arms against the president’s political assistant, Molly Kamukama.

The ugly episode took place last week during an NRM Central Executive Committee [CEC] meeting that sat at State House Entebbe.

Kamukama as the Political Assistant to the NRM Chairman was obviously supposed to attend the meeting.

The all-powerful Major, on the other hand, told Kamukama she would not be allowed into the meeting without giving clear reasons.

As we learnt, Kamukama now sits at State House unlike in the past when she was stationed the Mbuya based president of NRM Chairman’s office.


Before Nakalema tried to stop Kamukama from attending a meeting, another bitter quarrel had ensued.

Kamukama walked into the office of the Major.

The Major screamed: “What are you doing in my office?”

Kamukama responded: “I have come to you over work. You must listen to me!”

Nakalema screamed: “Noooo. You woman. You are not my friend!”

Kamukama: “But…”

Nakalema: “Get out of my office! Get out. Get out.”

The Major made a sudden leap towards the scared Kamukama who retreated in fear.

When she was safely out of reach and out of danger, Kamukama shouted back: “How dare you shout at me! Which type of soldier are you? You are very indisciplined!”

This is where another powerful woman at State House, Brig Proscovia Nalweyiso, the Senior Presidential Advisor on Defense and Security, cut in.

Brigadier Nalwayiso was heard saying in Luganda: “Singa Major Nakalema abadde nze, nandikukubidde Kamukama. Lugezigezi lwa nyaba kki olwo. Oyingira otya office yange nga sikolagana nawe?”

Translation: “If I were Major Nakalema I would have beaten up Kamukama. How dare you enter my office yet we are on bad terms?”

Museveni reacts

Unknown to State House drama queens, President Yoweri Museveni was watching their ‘melodrama’ in a distance.

Unable to take it anymore, the president immediately summoned Nakalema to the cabinet room.

“For half an hour, the president gave her a piece of his mind,” a source told us, without quoting exactly what Museveni said.

Nakalema emerged 15 minutes later crying and blowing her nose.

Not long ago, the Major shocked State House when she “blew fuses” at her bosses accusing them of failing to promote her to the rank of Colonel.

Nakalema has a reputation for not only intimidating but also driving co-workers out of State House.

While at the president’s country home in Rwakitura in 2014, Nakalema sacked all staff for serving tea in her room instead of ensuring she takes it from wherever she was.

In August 2014, another member of staff, then Special Presidential Assistant for Communications, Sarah Kagingo, reported Maj Nakalema to police for assault and threatening violence.

Nakalema later featured in the sacking of then presidential press secretary, Tamale Mirundi.

The source says Museveni who is fed up of infightings  and endless intrigue at the highest office in the country is currently weighing his options.

“The appointment of Don Wanyama as Senior Press Secretary also has a bearing on the fate of State House drama queens.”

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