Wadri: 90% Museveni promises unfulfilled


Members of the Government Assurances Committee, as part of their nationwide tour visited the West Nile Region to check the status of the Presidential and Government pledges and establish whether they have been implemented.

The tour is part of the mandate of the Committee as enshrined in the Constitution and the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure.

Hon. Wadri, the Chairperson who led the tour, said that the main objective of the tour was to establish which pledges had been made by the President and captured on the Floor of Parliament so that they can be implemented and fulfilled.

“The Government promised to construct a district hospital and teacher’s quarters at Pakadha Seed SSS, Jangokoro Seed SS and Nyapea SSS but so far nothing has been done at all, I feel that the government has not fulfilled 90% of its pledges here,” Hon. Wadri said.

Hon. Wadri expressed his disappointment over the President and Cabinet making multiple pledges to Ugandans and failing to fulfill them.

“It appears the Government just makes various promises wherever they go without putting in mind that the locals are noting,” Hon. Wadri said.

On enquiring about the status of Government programs to do with wealth creation, the Residential District Commissioner of Zombo District Hon. Aachilla John Rex confirmed that the programme had kicked off but blamed the people for keeping in poverty due to their luxurious spending.

“Zombo is a food basket for West Nile and the locals do a lot of crop production and trade but they spend money on paying for marriages, drinking and embracing traditional dances,” Hon. Rex explained.

The Zombo LC5 Vice Chairperson Ms. Jacqueline Alanyo testified to the Committee that most of the pledges the President made were not fulfilled making Zombo both hard to reach and hard to reach and stay.
“Most roads in Zombo are in poor condition and they need to be upgraded to tarmac.”

She said The Government assured us that they will tarmac Zombo – Atyak –Warr Road and now we find it difficult to connect to DRC Congo with our produce and their produce too yet the government levies tax on the people trading across the border, Ms. Alanyo said.

The committee went ahead and took on-sight field visits to healthy centers, Alur palace and the tea plantation nurseries.

Following the visits to the different Tea project nursery beds in Zombo and Nebbi District, Hon Wadri commended the President for fulfilling the pledge he had made in 2012 during the district leader’s visit to his country home in  Rwakitura.

However he expressed disappointment among the different officials of the NAADs programme who have continuously frustrated efforts by the district to smoothly manage the nurseries and to distribute seedlings to the people.

Wadri went ahead and listed other government assurances which included supply of an ambulance to Zombo District, upgrading Warr and  Paidha Health Centre 3s to Health Centre 4a, supply of hybrid goats and cows to women, construction of the Alur kingdom palace, publishing of Luo History Book, tarmacking of Nebbi –Goli Custom Road, construction of Alala bridge in Erussi, payment of veterans , support of Nebbi business community Information Centre with Acess pool emptier, computer and photocopying machines among many others.

He also informed the meeting that the Committee would follow up these matters and task the relevant people to respond to these queries.

“When we return to Kampala, we shall summon Mr. Rugasira of the NAADS programme to explain the irregularities that are coming up in the Tea Project both in Zombo and Nebbi districts,” he said.

The Committee of Government Assurance toured the West Nile Region from Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th April 2015.


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