Viewers petition NTV to fire Andrew Mwenda

The Independent Magazine Managing Director, Andrew Mwenda

The Independent Magazine Managing Director, Andrew Mwenda

A petition has been filed an online petition asking Uganda’s leading television, NTV, to fire Andrew Mwenda, one of the country’s renown critics.

The viewers are seeking 10,000 signatures and so far have 294 signatures to request NTV sack Mwenda with immediate effect.

The petition:

There is no doubt, Andrew Mwenda is an intelligent, cunning, and highly educated fellow who does lots of research.

However, using his wide knowledge to twist facts and intimidate/bully many of those who pay attention to him is not proper conduct.

A man of his wit keeping a blind eye to the injustices done by many African President to their people and instead choses to speak for them.

Whether they pay him or threaten him(no one knows) to speak for his comfort, and security but not for the rest of Ugandans.

Why does NTV continue to deal with this m,an when it is clear that he is very biased, he lacks integrity, he doesn’t have ugandans’ interest at heart, he is not decisive (as his positions about key issues keep on changing overtime).

Uganda in its current state could really use a man like him to champion for democracy, constitutionalism, good governance among many other necessities that Uganda as a country needs to thrive but he instead choses to sleep with the devil. To manipulate Ugandans.

True he is an Impeccable Orator but, he choses to speak for hire not justice.

Therefore if anyone shares the same thoughts about Andrew Mwenda like me, Sign this petition and get him fired from NTV.

So that atleast, he can stop poisoning the minds of Ugandans with toxic manipulative propaganda.

What Ugandans think of Mwenda:

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba, the founder of Ugandans At Heart (UAH), the biggest critical social media platform says:

I was once a strong Andrew M. Mwenda fan and I think, deep inside, i still have a soft spot for him, but he just keeps breaking my heart, man!

He is such a collection of different personalities; it is no wonder that at times his confrontations end with a falling out.

Now, I’m not gonna go into the rubbish of labeling him anything, as in like him being on both Museveni and Kagame’s payroll because I don’t have any strong evidence, but it it takes a rare kind of callowness, from a kid who obviously doesn’t understand what Ugandans want, to make that kind of argument he made, which the Aljazeera naively gave the beautiful title of ‘Africa to Obama: Mind your own business’.

Mwenda asked:’Why doesn’t Obama openly admonish leaders of Western Europe whenever he visits their countries?’

This is like asking why England was openly criticizing Hitler for torturing and killing Jews yet it was ironically the first country to evict them?

That didnt stop various leaders from ‘obamanising’ Hitler later on as Obama did recently in Ethiopia in regards to ‘failures’ of African leaders. It’s a matter of saying what’s right to the right audience regardless of the repercussions, and I think for most of the part, Obama got it right.

Like any sensible person in the Africa today, I’m skeptical about anybody claiming racial or ethnic victimhood.Yelling “we are poorer” and that’s why Obama can afford to outstrip our leaders, has turned into a mendacious racket.

Africa isn’t poor as such, as it is gifted with a lot of natural resources, and any African could be anything they want to be if we had good leaders. Unfortunately, we have only got ‘rich’ leaders, rich with a lot of money and power, as Obama helped to point out but so useless to our people.

Some of our leaders are even admittedly rich agriculturalists but shamelessly surrounded by majority substance farmers, and they seem to be OK with it.Obama talked about a lot of issues that are vital to Africans especially the presidential term limits, and I didnt see them highlighted anywhere in Mwenda’s article.

Basically, I think Mwenda selectively picked and chose which admonitions to highlight as a cover for his raw prejudices.

Even our Museveni routinely rants against the United States, though he knows there are many times they’ve pulled his cookies out of the fire.

Sarah Nalukenge a social and political commentator says:

While at The Monitor, Andrew Mwenda distinguished himself as a Journalist who could withstand Museveni’s intimidation.

Besides his superb superior capacity to provide an accurate annalysis of political and economic situation from a geopolitical and global persipective, he excelled in security matters.

In that way, he gained alot of fame at local and international level. But moreso, he won the confidence of whiste blowers and patriotic individuals who through him volunteered alot of sensitive information.

Behind the scenes, Andrew Mwenda was in bed with the first family. He engaged as a fiance the first lady’s cousin sister, Fifi who lives in the USA. He became closer to the first son Muhoozi as a personal friend.

His elder brothers Major Baguma of ISO and Col. Kayanja Muhanga formerly of JATT and now the Commandant of Military Police are Museveni’s close confidants in the NRA.

His sister Margret Muhanga was in the New Vision before she became the NRM woman representative for Kabarole district. Her husband was the NRM district chairman before being appointed as the head of the National Forestry Authority. His mother was an NRM local council leader and is now a leading low NRM opinion leader in Kabarole.

His father (RIP) was historically a UPC member until the NRM came on the scene but still he did neither showed open support nor opposition to the NRM.

Starting with getting closer to former Rwanda’s head of External Intelligence, Col. Patrick Karegeya during the height of tensions between Uganda and Rwanda, Mwenda caught the attention of Paul Kagame.

After he quit The Monitor at a time when Col. Karegeya had fallen out with Kagame, Mwenda was thought to be feeding Kagame with information pertaining to the movements and activities of the dissident army Generals.

The run away Generals had to cut off all links with Mwenda. Later, using his magazine The Independent, he openly toot up the tast of whitewashing the Kagame administration in a public relations campaign.

It is believed he brokered a deal that saw relations between Museveni and Kagame rejuvenated to the present honeymoon in Eastern Congo and the EAC.

The likes of Mwenda are what are refered to in intelligence as Agents Provocatuers. They disguise as ardent critics so as to attract, trap and compromise (expose) dissenters. Therefore, is Mwenda a top member of NRM or an opportunist?

Yahya Sseremba in his article: THE FALL OF ANDREW MWENDA: How bribery turned a revered journalist into a vulgar propagandist published by The Campus Journal April 18, 2012 says:

Mr. Mwenda has utterly failed to walk the talk. Mwenda has adulterated his journalism profession and degraded himself by choosing to speak for one of Africa’s bloodthirsty tyrants, a brutal tyrant whose government has killed on a massive scale, murdered journalists, assassinated opposition politicians, incarcerated dissenters and applied every apparatus of repression to keep him, and his Tutsi oligarchy, in power.

Indeed, the military victory of Paul Kagame’s all-Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) 16 years ago turned Rwanda into one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Some commentators hurriedly credited the RPF for ending the 1994 genocide that largely targeted ethnic Tutsis, ignoring and continuously ignoring an equally horrible genocide committed against ethnic Hutus by the new government.

While the triumph of Kagame’s rebels ushered in relief for many Tutsis, it brought with it grave and continuing suffering for the majority Hutu population.

Kagame’s ‘counter-genocide’ force embarked on a slaughtering campaign, indiscriminately killing Hutu citizens and forcing millions into exile. About 1000 Hutu refugees were entering Burundi alone everyday for a period of months after Kagame seized power, according to Robert Krueger, the then US ambassador in Bujumbura. Approximately one million fled to Congo.

And yet, for killing tens of thousands of Hutus, the RPF – in the eyes of Andrew Mwenda – exercised unprecedented restraint! “What Kagame and RPF did in restraining themselves and their followers in the face of genocide in 1994 is a feat without precedent in human history,” wrote Andrew Mwenda in one of his articles that worship President Kagame.

Where is the restraint after slaughtering tens of thousands of Hutu civilians? Not only did they kill massively after their victory, the RPF played a significant role in bringing about the genocide that happened before their victory – the genocide against their Tutsi tribesmen.

With the support of Washington which sought to establish a puppet regime in Kigali, Kagame’s RPA rebels waged a preventable war in the first place and then undermined every peace effort that would have ended fighting and avert genocide.

Whereas Kagame’s brutality has been severest against Hutus, it has not spared his fellow Tutsis who disagree with him. Kagame’s top generals – with whom he murdered Hutus – are increasingly finding themselves in jail or in exile for simply disagreeing with him. Kayumba Nyamwasa, one such general who fled the country earlier this year, was pursued in his hideout in South Africa and shot in the stomach.

The aftermath the failed assassination revealed more of Kagame’s bloodlust. Jean Leonard Rugambage, a local journalist who blamed the shooting on Kagame’s government, was murdered at his home in Kigali. The newspaper Mr. Rugambage worked for, Umuvugizi, had earlier been closed for simply stating that two army officers, whom Kagame later sacked and incarcerated, had had a misunderstanding with the president.

Rwanda under Kagame is going through a reign of terror that may culminate in a disaster worse than the 1994 genocide. The relative economic growth that Kagame has achieved for the country cannot be enjoyed when the population lives in perpetual fear and journalists and politicians walk in the shadow of death.

If there is completely no basis to refute Kagame’s brutality, as we have seen, why then does Andrew Mwenda – previously known for his boldness in denouncing dictators – try to concoct an illusively beautiful image of the tyrant? The cause of Mwenda’s u-turn is not different from what impelled Tamale Mirundi to turnaround.

The only difference is that Mr. Mirundi, unlike Mr. Mwenda, honestly tells why he moved the goal posts. Mirundi publicly admits he changed from condemning to commending Museveni because he was given a fatty job of presidential press secretary.

Mirundi has often challenged those who rebuke him for changing positions to feed his children before he resumes criticising Museveni. The same explanation applies to Mwenda’s disgraceful change of direction.

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