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Video: Stop killing Ugandans, diaspora warns Museveni


Ugandans in diaspora took to the streets of London on Wednesday to demonstrate the continued house arrest of opposition leader Kizza Besigye.

Diaspora P10 led protests against the regime of President Museveni took London by storm.

The demonstration took place outside the Uganda House in London.

The protest was in Solidarity with Dr Kizza Besigye who since elections has been under house detention.

The protesters carried a petition to deliver to Number 10 Downing Street, the official office of the British prime minister.

The Uganda diaspora P10 chapter chairperson, Dickson Wasajja, accuses Museveni’s regime of allegedly “murdering Ugandans”.

The protesters chanted “We love Uganda, we hate Museveni”.

Mid last month, a group of Ugandans led by Ms. Esther Nankya, demontrated in front of Ugandan Embassy.

They carried placards which described president Museveni’s 30-year rule as “total dictatorship that needs to be nailed out”.

Ugandans living in Canada held a similar anti-Museveni protest.

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The protest was held in downtown Toronto to raise more awareness castigating the just concluded Uganda elections as a “sham”.

This will be followed by another protest by Ugandans living in Boston USA slated for May 3, 2016 at Harvard Square Cambridge from 8 am to 2pm.

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