Video: Obama teases Museveni: Did you punch someone?


Museveni greets Obama as Ban looks on all smiles


President Yoweri Museveni’s injured hand has attracted the attention of the US president, Barack Obama.

On Sunday evening, Museveni met Obama on the sidelines of the UN Summit held in New York USA.

While greeting Obama, Museveni offered his left hand while his right bandaged one held the signature hat.

Obama noticed and was forced to ask as he waved a fist as if to punch some one:

“Someone was making you mad…” Obama stated, adding, “eeh, and you just took a punch?”

“No, no,” Museveni protested as United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, burst into laughter.

“It was just an accident,” Museveni labored to explain.

Just before heading for the US, President Museveni explained why he uses his left hand to greet following concerns from the public over his bandaged right hand.

“When I was going to Japan, while in a hurry, I strongly hit my right hand against the door of the car. The doctor applied some anti-inflammation gel when there was some swelling. We did not concentrate on it because it did not hurt but remained slightly discomforting.”

He said when later an x-ray was done, it was discovered that there was a small spiral fracture on the metacarpal bone of the right last finger (akahara) which is being managed conservatively.

“It is not painful except when direct pressure is applied on it.

“That is why I use the left hand to greet. Managing conservatively means using a bandage for two weeks.”

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