Video: Another royal guard killed in Kasese

Another Rwenzururu Kingdom’s royal guard has been killed by police.
The strife in the Rwenzururu area (Kasese) has been going on since July 2014 when some clan fights caused the death of more than 100 people.
This year alone saw more killings and heavy deployment of the army and police in that region.
The royal guards for the cultural leader were dismissed and replaced by UPDF (Uganda Army).
President Yoweri Museveni even made a trip to the region and talked to the elders to help stop the upheaval.
The army and police are still deployed in the region to help the community return to “normal”.
This most recent incident apparently started when a letter circulated that some people sent a letter that they would attack the local people.
Police soon got involved and traced the letter (allegedly) to 2 royal guards of the Kingdom of Rwenzururu.
Not too soon after, the police tried to arrest the 2 guards in the trading centre yesterday (Saturday) and one guard by the name of Julius Manda fought back.  
Manda used a knife and stabbed one arresting police officer.
In return, the police shot him dead.  His partner (fellow guard) by the name of Aloysius Ndungu was arrested. 
The Rwenzururu region has seen a lot of strife since the Uganda elections of February 2016 and the clashes have caused many deaths.
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