Video Kadodi: X-Files from the village

By Denis Wabuyi


Aron is a grandson of Mwalye, his classmate Kenneth is Musuya’s firstborn from the Muganda man who was chased away last week. Musuya respected his father and didn’t follow his husband. Now, when Aron started removing his teeth, he could stash it away under the drinking water pot “Isongo” a sure place for the rats. Whenever he put his tooth there, he would find it exactly where he put it. He was even compelled to change positions but the rat never took his teeth and thus he did not receive any money from the rats. The last time grandpa told him it is because he doesn’t brush his teeth. Since then, he started scrubbing his teeth with sand every time he went to Manafa. So when he put his tooth tonight, he was sure the rat will give him money.


When Aron wakes up he goes directly to the well to fetch water. Today he went to check on his tooth. The tooth was not there, neither was the money. He didn’t know that even rats are cheats like his other grandpa Wanda.

It took his grandma’s soothing for Aron to go to school. “Maybe the rat will bring money to your class” she said. Aron went to school expectant. As the teachers taught all Aron could think about was the rat bringing money. It didn’t.


In the morning Aron went to check again and lo, there was a 50 shilling note, “the rat has given me money for my tooth. I will eat bolingo at break time”. Grandpa urged him to keep brushing his teeth so that the rat can keep giving him money.


There is a man who was born with a leopard. This leopard is rumored to be hiding in a bush near the Catholic Church. People who pass there at night are witness to that. They have seen it several times. That the leopard is not dangerous unless it is attacked. When we saw the rainbow appear and it started raining while the sun was shining, they said that the leopard is giving birth. But how did it conceive?


Strange events are nowadays happening everyday, Watsala claims that he found Wamono’s ghost in the football field. How could it happen when Wamono’s spirit was arrested. Unless his father conjured it up again.


It is kadodi everywhere. The only time that the “big words” can be said openly. In some of the songs, you could here the celebrants call private parts by names. Mafabi could not stand the pain of the knife and in the scuffle “Umuhebi” cut his hand. When such an incident happens and the candidate calls on to his mother, “Maayi”, it is a bad omen and we have to sacrifice a goat to take away this curse.


Next week is baptism, the reverend father cannot baptize unless there is a couple to be wed. They announced in church calling upon volunteers who can accept to wed. No one was willing. Sarapiyo proposed that: “We can repeat the wedding of Wolayo because the previous time Wolayo wedded his wife, he was caught live in the banana plantation with his neighbor’s daughter”. The whole church burst into laughter and the “teacher”  ended the sermon.

Till then we shall keep you posted.

The writer is an independent accountant, researcher and writer.  You can find his writing on this website or via Google as he writes more than the X-Files which is for every Thursday.

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