Video: Juliana to sue tabloids over pregnancy rumours


Singer Juliana Kanyomozi has threatened to take tabloids to court for tarnishing her name, claiming that she is currently pregnant.

“Tabloids have insulted and tarnished my name for the last six months, and I have been quiet,” she noted.

Juliana further said she was more than ready to bring to an end this incurable disease of tarnishing Ugandan celebrities.

“I’m going to sue these tabloids. I have built my name for years, this is going to be a good lesson to others.”

Sqoop writer Connie Nankya wrote on May 27 in an article titled: “Tabloids need to cut Juliana some slack”, that tabloids had invented an insensitive way of making news.

“Why do they have to get insensitive in the name of making news? Have such tabloids for once thought about the pain they inflict on people when they have to remind them about the loved ones they lost?” Nankya queried.

“So what if she is actually pregnant? Whose business is it in any way? Does she owe an explanation to the public? Did she ever tell anyone that she is interested in having another child to replace her sad loss? I doubt she has done that. So why then should some members of the public act like she made them a promise to get pregnant hence the need to keep insinuating this and that?”

Juliana shared the article on her Facebook wall and commented: “Wow. The world still has some really kind and thoughtful people out there after all. Thank you Connie, you have said everything I’ve wanted to say for some time.”

The singer further warned those engaging in Internet impersonation of which she has been a victim.

“Unfortunately it’s a growing trend. But two of many things we can do. 1. Inform the police immediately you find out someone is impersonating you, especially if they are using your name to break the law. 2. Run an announcement as soon as you realise you are being impersonated. That way you disassociate yourself from the impersonators and also use the opportunity to warn your followers.”

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