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Video: Israel media renames Museveni ‘Uganda’s Donald Trump’


Museveni hosting Netanyahu at State House Entebbe

The “wild speech” delivered at Entebbe airport on Monday has earned Ugandan President a new title “the Donald Trump” of Uganda.

Donald Trump is the wild “almost insane” US Republican candidate infamous for insulting big names and saying “uncoordinated controversial things”.

In his analysis of Museveni’s speech, The Jerusalem Post writer Herb Keinon published on Monday 04 July 2016, 07:53 PM [Find link:], accuses Museveni of constantly referring to “Palestine” as if “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was in the crowd”.

“He’s the Ugandan Donald Trump,” a colleague quipped after Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni finished delivering a rambling speech at the ceremony here Monday marking 40 years to the Entebbe raid.

Except for one huge difference. Trump wants to be president; Museveni has been president of his country for more than 30 years, Herb writes.

“That type of longevity, it seems, gives a man certain privileges. And this is where the similarities to Trump kick in. Like Trump, the Ugandan president seemed to be shooting from the hip.”

Herb says the address got off on a rather different note when Museveni said that the sad events of the raid 40 years ago were being turned into another instrument of “bonding the Holy Land – Israel/Palestine – with the heartland of Uganda in particular, and Africa in general.”

“While the sentiment was noble, calling the land which his honored guest — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — represented as Israel/Palestine was a bit, odd.”

Lest one think that this was just a slip of the tongue, the Ugandan president said that another sad bond between “Africa and Palestine,” took place in the Biblical story of Joseph, the journalist continues.

Citing the Book of Matthew, Museveni then said that Jesus was hidden in Egypt from Herod – whom he termed a “bad gentleman” – another event binding “Africa and Palestine.”

He also said that Uganda cannot accept the “bigotry” that holds that either the Jews or the Palestinians don’t belong in the Holy Land.

He regaled the crowd with a tale of a meeting he had with former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – whose name he could not remember – and rejected the Iranian leader’s claims that the Jews came from Europe, not the Middle East.


The Daily Monitor journalist Tabu Butagira reported that “Museveni for five times in his speech, as host of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, cites incidents he says strengthened the bonds between Africa and ‘Palestine’.”

Israel radio broadcaster was forced to cut off Museveni’s speech calling it “rambling and disjointed”.

Israel radio, Reshet B reported: “there was never a speech like this. The most bizarre and jumbled of all time.”

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