VIDEO: Brig Kasirye oils shotgun to hunt Aronda killers


Brig Kasirye Gwanga

Currently, UPDF Brig Kasirye Gwanga is oiling and dusting his shotgun in preparation for a hunt of those he accuses of killing his friend and Internal Affairs minster, Gen Aronda Nyakairima.

He says the army cannot let go of the murder of their former commander.

“Now you go and kill that one [Aronda] and you start telling me stories,” a tearful Kasirye told NBS TV on Sunday.

“Cut the crap,” he charged, adding, “I don’t buy it [heart attack claim by government spokesman, Ofwono Opondo].”

The Brigadier said he was not waiting a postmortem report which Ugandan pathologists are currently baking in Dubai where Aronda’s body is still being kept.

The General was found dead by an air hostess on Saturday morning while returning from South Korea where he had gone on national identity card project errands.

Aronda is said to have complained of stomach pains before he passed on quietly.

Speaking at his Buziga home yesterday, the late Aronda’s Commander-in-Chief, Gen Yoweri Museveni, said he was shocked by Aronda’s sudden death saying at first he thought it was an accident.

The president called his death a great loss to the country especially having survived the killer AIDS that claimed most of his bush war colleagues.

But Kasirye insists his best friend was just killed.

“When he happened to go into the ministry on interior where there is immigration and identity card scams, he told me he had a problem,” Kasirye narrates.

“He was being threatened by the way he administratively run the immigration. Aronda was killed.”

Kasirye says immigration has been making billions and billions and his friend has been overworked to run that department.

“Killing him, they have opened a can of worms. The military will come out.”

Kasirye said Aronda was the only person he was comfortable warning his killers to prepare for their own deaths.

“You have killed Aronda, we are going after you. Wherever you are, you have opened a can of worms. With military, we are going to come out.”

Here is the interview with NBS TV 


Who is Kasirye

In one sentence, he is the man who fears nothing.

Asked why he has no military escorts by Daily Monitor in 2012, Kasirye said: “I am not like these other Generals, I do not like escorts!”

He added:“No one can kill you in David Tinyefunza’s office, but if you mess up here, I kill and bury you here. I can kill you without a pistol in four seconds. Do not ask me how, go and get an instructor.”

He told the paper of an incident when armed car robbers attacked him and a friend whose car they wanted to hijack by putting them at gun point.

“I pleaded with them to take the car and spare our lives. When we got out, I pulled my pistol and shot the idiot!”

“The fool shot me in the thigh and thought he had finished me off. I touched the sensitive organs of the body, realised I was safe and shot him.”

Asked about marriage, the Brigadier shot back, “Why do I need a woman? I want to live my life, I cannot even wed! How do I imprison myself in five minutes?”

He said he has children from many women and the kids are quite successful with the last born playing American soccer and having been admitted to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) while one of his daughters is a great lawyer.

The Brigadier told the paper he lives in a tent because that is “how Generals live, I bought that tent from Game Stores at Shs1.5m.”

“I left Kampala because of dust and noise; I am at peace at Camp David with my antelopes, snakes and monkeys.”

He is rich [his net worth at least Shs70bn], happy, hardworking and cannot be arrested!

He is famed for shooting in the air at born again Christians who had pitched camp at his Makindye residence in 2005 accusing them of “making noise” for him.

Ask for going to church, he wondered what he [Kasirye] would go to church for.

“…to pray with these idiots? I do not pray, I speak with God anytime, I am Him.”

He is also famed for awarding himself a degree in agriculture after clashing with NAADS officials in 2006,

“Some whites came here offering me $50 for each of these over 100,000 old trees. I turned them down. How do you tell me what to do in my farm? In fact, I have awarded myself a PhD in agriculture; I do not wait for Makerere to do that,” he told the paper.

Early life

Coming from a peasant family in an Indian dominated, small urban centre in Mubende of a butcher who sold puppies at Shs100 to educate him, Kasirye Gwanga went to Namukoni Primary School (present day Mityana S.S).

He started fending for himself at five years and taught himself to read before even enrolling at school and “that is why I read so much literature!”

Despite being the dirtiest pupil, he enjoyed putting red pepper in jigger wounds of peers.

Drawing inspiration from an elder brother who got transformed from Kibuli S.S, he joined the same school for his O-Level.

After Senior Four, he saw joining the army as the only solution to getting rich.


He was then recruited by Uganda Army in 1972, which trained him and posted him to Arua in West Nile as a map instructor until 1977.


L-R: Col. Sam Wasswa, Lt.Col Kasirye Gwanga and Col. Peter Kerim pictured at Namukora, the burial place of Gen Tito Okello in 1996.

While there, he recounts his most challenging time as struggling to teach the Nubians map reading, as they could not read contours.

One of his most memorable moments when he was in Mbuya is when he slept in a bloody stretcher while his peers feared and went for the cold cement floor.

In 1978, he was promoted to artillery officer and by the time the Tanzania led liberation war ousted Idi Amin, he was a staff Sergeant.

As fate would have it, the liberation forces sent him and his colleagues to Luzira Prison for 897 days as prisoners of war.

He got disorganised so much so that he swore never to join the army and resolved to settle down and rehabilitate himself.

However, not being the architect of his destiny, his brother was killed for refusing to reveal his whereabouts when Andrew Kayiira invaded the Kabaka’s Lubiri reportedly in search of bullets.

“I joined the army to avenge my brother’s death. The man who killed him is Maj. Ageta, he lives in Tanzania and I am still looking for him.”

Thus, he joined the Uganda Freedom Movement later named Freedom and Democracy Movement of Uganda.

This was a rebel outfit (about 650 men) fighting Milton Obote’s regime in Mawokota, Mubende, alongside Luweero based National Resistance Army of Yoweri Museveni.

When Obote’s government fell, his successor, Tito Okello Lutwa invited all rebel groups for the Nairobi peace talks.

He declined to go there and instead joined forces with Museveni in 1985.

The first met him in 1983.

“I had been hearing about him (Museveni) and I wanted to see him face to face!”

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