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Video: Black lives matter


The protests which have been taking place in the United States of America (USA) continue and have even spread into Canada and some parts of United Kingdom (UK) are joining the Americans to protest police brutality.

Certainly, the rate at which white police officers shoot young black men is far higher than other races. However, on the surface this may be construed as only racism but the problem is deeper than that.

Yes, racism is a very big factor and in fact, racial profiling is very dangerous to many people who are not of the dominant skin colour in their community or their country.

Racism cannot be denied even if one has never experienced it.  There is however a very serious and under lying problem that must be confronted wherever one is or whichever country one lives in.

Violence and police brutality.  In fact, most police officers who shoot and kill people or beat them senseless do so knowing that they will not be persecuted or will be given a slap on the wrist.  The impunity does not deter the violent inclined ones from stopping this habit of killing people senselessly or even maiming many.

Far too many families in the USA and other parts of the world lose their family members because of this hate, violence, impunity, lack of compassion or as some will claim, poor training.

I have written many stories on the police brutality which exists in my home country #Uganda and seeing what is going on in the USA scares the hell out of me because USA is a developed country and one would think that their human rights would be better upheld and the persecution of the offending officers would be stiffer to deter the others who might be entertaining shooting more people.  But it looks like Uganda may have learned their brutality from elsewhere.  In fact, in Uganda when you beat up or kill, you get a promotion.  What a sad time for our life.

You can find many videos of police brutality in Uganda on my youtube channel.

Back to the Black Lives Matter protests, Sunday July 10, 2016, part of Interstate 40 (I-40) was shut down by protests. You will also remember that part of Interstate 75 (I-75) was shut down in the same week.

The protests in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Detroit, Las Vegas, New York City, Rochester, etc… go to tell the government of USA that the people will not take it anymore.

Surely the old teaching “get slapped and turn the other cheek”, well that teacher had definitely never met a gun shoved against one’s head.

The rampant shootings of people and then asking questions after they are dead goes to tell us that we as a human race have regressed and if we do not do anything about this level of violence, hate, lack of kindness, our children and grand children are doomed.

Imagine now schools are teaching kids how to avoid being shot by the police. Oh dear heaven, what have we done?

Martha Leah Nangalama

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