Video: Besigye can’t stop me, swears Museveni


An illustration of the three-horse race for State House between President Museveni, Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi. ILLUSTRATION BY ALEX KWIZERA/ Daily Monitor

President Museveni has assured Ugandans that the current opposition in the country has no capacity to stop him as they claim.

The president was on Saturday addressing locals in Mbarara and urging them to embrace the NRM and support development programs.

“The other time they said ‘we are going to block the old man from swearing in’, and before they knew it, the ‘old man’ was swearing in”,” the president reminded the crowd sending them into bouts of laughter.

Opposition had declared countrywide protests aimed at demanding for an independent audit of 2016 elections and stopping Museveni from being  sworn in.

The protests running under the defiance campaign also included Tuesday weekly prayers and Thursday sit-home protests.

The protests were, however, outlawed by court claiming they would destabilise the country.

Opposition leader Kizza Besigye was arrested and placed under house arrest in Kasangati Wakiso district.

A day to Museveni’s swearing in ceremony, Besigye escaped from his home and took oath as a people’s president in Kampala.

He was once against arrested and charged with treason; he is currently imprisoned at Luzira maximum prison.

Speaking in Mbarara, President Museveni asked Ugandans to abandon FDC’s ‘ideological bankruptcy’ and focus on development which the NRM government is spearheading.

He said FDC supporters are hoodwinked to think their party leaders could stop actually stop the president.

“They said I wouldn’t swear in but then the old man was sworn in. They should first think twice before they speak,” Museveni said while the crowd roared with laughter and cheered him on.

“Besigye came here and lied to you that there are no jobs for the youth,” the president continued.

He explained that it was only because the youth are sleeping but the jobs  are there.

He said, for example, the establishment of factories in the region will address unemployment among the youth.

He said that was high on his agenda despite the propaganda being spread by the opposition, particularly the FDC.

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