Victoria university hosts cultural day


I’m honored that Victoria University is hosting its first ever cultural day to celebrate diversity of our students, staff, faculty and programmes.

Culture is the total way of life that people in the society are blessed with. Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. Through culture we are governed by norms and customs, which are the pillars of any society. If these pillars are not properly followed in our society, our culture will resemble a perfume with no smell.

The objectives of this cultural day are:
To raise levels of consciousness in understanding, awareness and tolerance of inter-culture differences, share different cultural experiences; network with key stakeholders involved in dealing with ethical and human rights issues relevant to education tourism and foreign nationals.

Through culture we learn how to be better people in the society like living as brothers and sisters. It’s very hard for a person to live without culture because it’s like an antelope at the middle of hungry lioness.
Victoria University strives to help cultivate students’ outlook on culture pluralism and help advance the academic progress and campus harmony of Victoria University.

The word University is sometimes explained as Universal Greatness Lies In Capacity. The Capacity includes diversity not only in academic views and thoughts of free discoveries, but also in religions, culture and people of different races. The world is colorful and so is the Victoria University.

This event that shall be an annual occurrence will be about commemorating our culture and other cultures beyond our borders and beyond our continent. It must be well understood that preserving our culture doesn’t mean to disrespect other peoples’ cultures. Cultures create and develop identities.

Today, and now, I highly call all students and staffs to try our level best to love and feel proud of our cultures. This is because it is believed that you will not know the importance of things unless they are taken away from you.

I urge you to make the most out of the wonderful opportunity that Victoria University offers. It is truly a learning experience that transcends boundaries. The courses at Victoria University aim at contributing to increasing your competency in your field of study, but also, in a wider context, at contributing to the development of society.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the organizers, students, benefactors, staff and the promoter of Victoria University for offering your best in ensuring this cultural day is a success and hope that we shall all learn more of our cultures.

Thank you!

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