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UPDF vows to kill Al Shabaab to the last terrorist


The bodies were received by Kyanda, the chief of staff

UPDF Chief of Staff Land Forces, Brig Leopold Kyanda, Thursday received the remains of 10 of the 12 Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers who were killed during an attack by Al-Shabaab militants in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The Janaale camp is where the soldiers serving under the African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) was attacked on Tuesday, September 01.

The bodies of UPDF soldiers killed in an Al-Shabaab attack in Mogadushu, Somalia arrived at Entebbe military base this afternoon.

Also present was Gen Sam Turyagyenda and Joseph Joseph Musanyufu.

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, said the highest in rank among those killed was Lt. David Etua Ondama.

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Others were; five sergeants, 2 Corporals and the rest at the rank of private.

Chief of Staff, Kyanda

Speaking on the occasion, Kyanda said the soldiers who are coming back represent Uganda’s continued commitment to fighting the Al Shabaab.

“And we shall not stop until the last terrorist is killed and Somalia freed,” Kyanda said.

“The attack was bravely and successfully thwarted. The brave 10 men who died fighting heroically stopped Al Shabaab from accessing the base,” he said.

Minister of Defence

In his statement to parliament, Uganda Defence State Minister, Jeje Odong, said the army managed to kill 46 militants and capturing two alive.

“Much as we have made significant progress, enemies of peace in Somalia have not been completely defeated and wiped out,” Odong said.

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“The struggle for peace and security in Somalia is not without challenges. In 2007, Somalia was a no go area. Business thrives today thanks to UPDF and AMISOM.”

He said since 2007, UPDF the single largest AMISOM contingent, has made significant contribution to peace, security and development in Somalia.

“That action was very significant in as far as the cause of #Africa-n security is concerned. Thank you for contribution.”

European Union

In a statement, the European Union said at a time when the people of Somalia are working to build a more stable and safe country, Al Shabab launched an attack against an AMISOM base in Janaale, Lower Shabelle province.

“This attack appears to be a response to the successful offensive that AMISOM and the Somali National Army have been undertaking against Al Shabab in Central and Southern Somalia.”

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“Such attacks will not deter the Somali and African effort to bring peace to their country.”

The EU pledged continued support to the Somali people, the African Union, AMISOM, and other partners to enhance Somalia’s stability and capacity to fight terrorism.

The EU also expressed its condolences to the victims of the attack, from AMISOM and Somali National Army, and to their families.

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