UPDF now ranks 16th greatest African military


Uganda People’s Defence Forces [UPDF] is now ranked as 16th greatest African military and 92nd of 126 greatest world militaries.

This is according to rankings compiled by Global Firepower [GFP Power Index] of 2016.

Egypt[1], Algeria [2], Ethiopia[3], Nigeria[4], South Africa[5], Angola[6], Morocco[7],  Sudan[8], Libya[9], Democratic Republic of Congo[10], Kenya[11], Tunisia[12], Zimbabwe[13], Zambia[14], Chad[15]  and Uganda [16] top Africa’s military giants.

According to the index, Uganda’s manpower goes beyond military equipment totals and perceived fighting strength which is the actual manpower that drives a given military.

Out of a total Population of 37,101,745, available manpower totals to 14,300,000 people.

Those fit for Service are 8,515,000, those reaching Military Age Annually are 845,000, active Frontline Personnel are 45,000 while active Reserve Personnel are 2,000 people.

Land forces have 220 battle tanks, 1,060 Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs), 27 Towed-Artillery and 26 Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs).

Airforce has 47 Aircrafts in total, 13 Fighters/Interceptors, 13 Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft, 19 Transport Aircraft, 10 Trainer Aircraft, 22 Helicopters and 5 Attack Helicopters.

UPDF has eight Coastal Defense Crafts for naval forces or marines.

The country operates on a Defense Budget of $280,000,000.

Details here:

“Our disciplined and patriotic army has managed to create an island of peace in a region of conflict. Insurgencies like ‪Lakwena and Joseph ‪‎Kony led Lord’s Resistance Army (‪‎LRA) have virtually been wiped out of the country thanks to the UPDF,” State House said in a statement.

‪”‎Uganda is thus one of the most peaceful countries in the world. All eligible ‪Ugandans are encouraged to join the army, especially professionals.”

UPDF’s mission is to preserve, defend and protect the people, property, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda, contributing to regional stability and supporting international peace initiatives.

UPDF’s vision is to have a professional Uganda Peoples’ Defence Force that is well trained, well equipped and accountable to the people.

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