UPDF can’t accept Besigye as Commander-in-Chief, says Mirundi


Outspoken presidential advisor on media, Tamale Mirundi, says the national army cannot accept opposition leader Kizza Besigye as its Commander-in-Chief.

Towards February 18 elections, army spokesman Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said UPDF would salute any of the eight candidates if he/she won the elections.

Ankunda stressed that they would protect even a candidate like Joseph Mabirizi (the comic contender) if he was declared winner by electoral commission.

Appearing on UBC Star TV on the same day President Museveni was announced winner, Chief of Defence Forces Gen Katumba Wamala said he was ready to salute whoever emerged winner.

Mirundi disagrees. Appearing on ABS TV Thursday night, the president’s dog said the army would never accept Besigye as a president.

Mirundi said on the other hand, the national forces would cheerfully salute FDC party president Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu.

“Tell me, have you seen Muntu being teargassed when he is walking? Because he was an army commander and respects UPDF.”

Mirundi said Besigye to the contrary doesn’t respect UPDF as an institution.

“When you see him saying Muhoozi Kainerugaba ( first son and commander of Special Forces) doesn’t deserve the rank of Brigadier…he is disrespecting UPDF that used the same yardstick to award him the rank of Colonel.”

Mirundi used the an analogy of a woman, her co-wife and orphaned children.

“For Besigye to become a president is like a woman killing a co-wife and then coming to take her place. She will always find resistance among the deceased’s children.”

“You can’t tell children (that) now that your mother is dead, the house girl is your new mother.”

Mirundi further claimed that Besigye was not even popular among other opposition leaders.

“The other leaders looked at Besigye as a passing cloud with poor health well-knowing that he would soon die,” Mirundi who had moved with his note book on air, read out from his notes.

He gave an example of Reagan Okumu the FDC deputy president said he joined the opposition party because it was a cheaper solution.

“Okumu realised that it would be easier to enter a political party with well defined structures that to start a new one,” Mirundi further read from his reference note book.

He said northerners left Besigye to run for presidency in 2001 because they had nothing to gain from government back then.

“They knew the government had a lot of problems and was poor. But they used the chance to lobby for the development of their region.”

He said currently, northern is more developed than central region because northerners are bright people.

As for Besigye, Mirundi mused, he has no capacity to win the army to his side and hence can never lead Uganda.

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