Untold story: Police boss implicated in pine bond murder


The DPC Kampala Central Police Station, Aaron Baguma

The director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has added on the Pine car bond murder charge sheet the Kampala Central Police Station (CPS) DPC, Aaron Baguma.

City businessman Mohamed Sebuufu and four others are accused of murdering a businesswoman, Betty Dona Katushabe, on March 20, 2015 at the Pine car bond located in Nakasero Kampala.

According to Jane Kajuga, a spokesperson in the office of the DPP, there is evidence linking Baguma to the murder.

Kajuga said that Baguma’s involvement in the said murder could have been direct or indirect adding that in accordance with the law, he will be charged together with Sebuwufu, Paul Tasingika, Phillip Mirambi, Kayiiza Godfrey, Benon Muwanguzi and others including a one Golola still at large.

Baguma is expected to be arraigned and charged in court today Thursday November 26, as Ssebuwufu and other 5 co-accused reappear at Buganda road court.

According to a source privy to the investigations, the Kampala CPS boss had knowledge of Katushabe’s torture and is alleged to have visited the place (Pine car bond), where he reportedly saw Betty being tortured but never responded.

Baguma denies

Baguma says on the fateful day, he was in Kololo meeting tycoon, Patrick Bitature.

That same evening when police was informed and sent a vehicle to pick Katusabe who was rushed her to Mulago where she died on arrival.

After Katushabe’s death, Sebuwufu tried to bribe some top police officers at CPS including the head of CIID Kampala metropolitan and the regional CIID commander Kampala south to “kill evidence” and set him free.

Unfortunately, the flying squad commander, Herbert Muhangi, told DPC Baguma to report to the IGP, Kale Kayihura, who instructed the CIID director, Grace Akullo, and Kampala metropolitan police commander AIGP, Abas Byakagaba, to intervene.

Ssebuwufu made a statement in Rebecca Namugenyi’s office and was set free.

Byakagaba after receiving the instructions also directed Baguma to re-arrest Ssebuwufu who was taken to Special Investigations Unit [SIU] in Kireka and detained.

Inside wars

Before the DPP added Baguma on the murder charge sheet, drama ensued at CPS quarter guard after Baguma and SSP Zilabamuzale Mustafa the Kampala metropolitan pay master (staff officer) fought over a police patrol vehicle.

The impasse started at around 6:45pm on a Thursday when Baguma had just returned from Katwe where Kampala Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago was launching his rally after getting nominated.

Zilabamuzale was rushing to Muyenga to present a paper in a police meeting.

DPC Baguma shortly after he had parked at CPS, Ziralamuzale jumped out of his office and sat in a police patrol vehicle ordering the driver a one Katongole to drive him off to Muyenga.

When Katongole started the vehicle, Baguma who was making a phone call asked him where he was going.

The driver told the DPC that he was taking Zilabamuzale to Muyenga for a meeting.

Baguma however ordered him not to take anybody anywhere saying the car was still in operation.

“This car is taking military police to Kisekka market for an operation. I don’t have any order to take anyone to Muyenga,” Baguma said.

Zilabamuzale lost his temper and asked Baguma which rank he had.

“You man, do you know my rank? Don’t joke with me,” Zilabamuzale warned.

“Afande this car will not take you before it takes military for deployment after all it is the DPC vehicle,” an angry Baguma shot out.

“Ok Baguma let us see who the boss is here. I will not get out of this car until it takes me to Muyenga,” replied Zilabamuzale adding that he will even charge Baguma and later send him to Mbarara.

Furious Baguma also ordered the driver to switch off the car engine.

When the matter worsened, the commander of military police ordered his troops off the patrol car and used another car.

A source noted that Baguma and Zilabamuzale have been having their personal issues and added that Baguma’s case could be a foul play.

Police explains

In a statement, CP Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, said the IGP has instructed the Directorate of CID in partnership with the Professional Standards Unit to jointly conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation into the case.

He said the new development follows complaints of serious manipulations and irregularities during the course of investigation; and a breach in procedure where the DPC CPS Kampala, Baguma, was to be charged even without recording a statement and his defence investigated.

Enanga saidthe DPC is the one who protected the investigation, after it had been registered as a mob justice, when he alerted the IGP of an inner circle that was threatening to destroy the case.

“It was through his intervention that the case file was better managed by the Regional Police at Kampala Metropolitan South Headquarters, who upon doing a commendable job had the principal culprits arraigned before court for the murder of Katushabe.”

“It is against this background that the DPC appears to be victimised that calls for a comprehensive and thorough investigation over his probable role, against acts of professional misconduct by other officers. His arrest is therefore, pending outcome of the investigative final report,” Enanga explained.

He said to ensure justice for all parties including both the family of the late Katushabe and the suspects, the police have received many responses from the public.

“The investigators are as such probing deeper to establish whether the police did everything within their powers to save the deceased or not, as well as review the circumstances surrounding her death.”

“They have so far spoken with numerous business owners, witnesses, and analysed cellular data, which will provide us with information that will bring the terrible tragedy to a close.”

He said any officers who could have participated in any evidence of wrongdoing will be exposed and charged.

“The investigators are working alongside the DPP to ensure further evidence is carefully evaluated, to give opportunity to correcting errors, through the knowledge of actual facts.”

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