Ugandans calm down, UK and US are not after your oil


Since 2013, I have read a lot of hate messages from Ugandans who hate the “West”.

Usually, they mean America.

Let us break down this one.

” The problems of Africa are caused by leaders who over stay in power”.

Singapore got independence at the same time as Uganda and now it is a first world country.  Uganda is languishing in the dungeons.  WHY?  Your hate of everything “West” might be holding you back.

  1. I have 4 daughters.  Two of them are France and Uganda (Bududa Hospital is a death trap) and the other two are pure Ugandans.
  2. Canada is not in Europe or USA.  Canada sends a lot of money to Uganda.
  3. USA is the biggest funders to Uganda.  It is located in North America.
  4. UK is the other big funder and it is located in Europe.
  5. You also have Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and some other countries in Europe.

Sure Russia and China are now the new “super powers”.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourselves what the price is?

This is not a cold war, East vs. West.

You make a very big mistake to think that you can live without the “West”.

When I did my research project for my masters degree at University of Toronto, Canada, one of the research supervisors told me “never bite the hand that feeds you”.  I had done my project on a company that is one of the biggest funders of UofT.  I had  to make some changes last minute to get my degree.  I was annoyed.

Fast forward, that research supervisor as now I look at Uganda.  Uganda keeps biting the hands that feed it. Fortunately these governments of the “West” are understanding and are interested in the people of Uganda to have a descent life and nothing you do will stop them.  Figure that so many of us live in those countries and we have voices and voting rights.

USA and UK are not after your oil (which is still in the ground by the way).  I have never seen Air Force One land in Uganda and take away your minerals or oil.

I have never seen Air Canada land in Uganda to take your oil.

Not once have I seen British Airways land in Uganda to take your minerals or oil.  WAIT, did British Airways not pull out of Uganda in 2015?

The craze about Oil in Uganda is just a craze.  You cannot pump out oil at a cheap price the way USA and Canada does it.  Neither will you compete with Iran when they start pumping out 500,000 to 1,000,000 million barrels daily onto the world market.

By the way, how is your refinery coming along?  No refinery, no pipeline, no oil.  Uganda is land locked.  Get serious.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada


The writer is an IT analyst for an oil company and writes a daily Currency and Global Market Report  for the Ugandan News site The Insider.  All my opinions are mine and mine alone.  They do not reflect on my employer, any organisation I am affiliated with or even on this site.

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