Uhuru defends Ruto, attacks Raila over ICC talk

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Cord leader Raila Odinga.

CORD leader Raila Odinga is undermining Jubilee’s initiative to seek financial support from the West, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.

President Kenyatta was responding to Raila’s claim that the collapse of the International Criminal Court (ICC) cases spelt doom for the fight against impunity.

“Somebody leaves his country and when abroad says Kenyan leaders should have been jailed by ICC. He should do it here instead of spoiling our names abroad,” Uhuru said in reference to Raila’s interview with AFP in France.

Raila claimed the ICC was blackmailed by Kenya through the African Union and criticised the plot by African countries to leave the court en masse.

“The ICC declared that we have no case to answer. Who are you to start questioning that?” Uhuru said. “This man (Raila) has been looking for leadership by all means but due to his greed he will never rule this country since after my term this young man (Ruto) will take over,” he added.

The President said it was wrong for an individual to plan to frame innocent people to gain political power.

Uhuru, who was touring Nyandarua County with his deputy, accused the Opposition of advancing divisive and tribal politics instead of providing alternative solutions to the problems facing the country.

“It is God who gives people authority and one does not need to falsely accuse others to ascend to power,” he said.

“When I tried and failed the first time in 2002, I accepted defeat and waited and by God’s grace I am now leading the nation,” he added.

The Head of State said the politicians who were keen on dividing Kenyans along tribal lines do not know what it took to build this nation.

“They attempted to have us jailed in ICC for but their plot failed,” Uhuru said while addressing residents after opening a Kenya Medical Training College in Ol Kalou.

The President, while addressing residents in Kikuyu language in Rironi along Ol Kalou-Engineer road, said internal differences ought to be solved in the house.

“I sympathised with the Opposition leader after watching his interview where he remarked that Ruto and I were supposed to be jailed whereas we are in a mission to unite Kenyans. Even if your house is not in order, you don’t go shouting to other people, you handle it internally,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru, who was keen on promoting Ruto in the region said he had no doubt that Ruto would rule this country after his term comes to an end.

“I have worked with this young man and I can assure you my people he is capable of leading this country and continue with the Jubilee development agenda, not like the other man who likes leading in times of strife,” he added.

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