Ugandans to Suzan Muhwezi: The wife of a thief is a thief  


Suzan Muhwezi

Suzan Muhwezi, wife to Information and National Guidance minister, Jim Muhwezi, appeared in the news recently rallying women in western Uganda not to vote Amama Mbabazi.

Her utterances ignited a series of critical attacks across social media platforms.

It was Patrick Olwit Ogwang, a concerned Ugandan who opened the debate asking: “Mrs. Muhwezi talking of conscience? When her husband stole GAVI funds meant for sick Ugandans where was her conscience? Not all Ugandan women are married and taken care of using stolen items. Let her remarry a clean man then probably Ugandan women can then take her seriously.”

This is what Ugandans think of her:

Dominic Okuta: You and your husband should be tried for crimes against humanity. You stole money for treating TB, HIV and innocent people died!

Awadi Lupai: A wife of a thief (GAVI) is also a thief, Uganda women died in labor as you and your husband swindle every coin meant for the their medication, where is your conscience?

Asman Badru: Had Muhwezi to be still in Luzira, the statement of that woman would be the opposite. The only woman in Uganda who uses her conscience in politics is Winnie Byanyima because her husband has no bad record of theft of public funds.

La Arthur: Let’s help our mothers not fooling them. Women deep down in the villages may not mind who the president is. Mrs Muhwezi how many women funded projects have u funded and are successfully helping our mothers… Stop wasting their time with politics.

Bwire Wanyama: Mr and Mrs Muhwezi don’t have any moral authority whatsoever to lecture to Ugandans what is good for the country. As the husband was being censured in parliament, his wife was busy sinking AGOA. Because Museveni prefers dealers to servants for the nation, he again appointed Jim as Minister for Health and what happened to global fund is now public information. No wonder a deal was struck at night to exonerate them and so Ugandans were denied justice as per global fund scandal.

Ibrahim Bintu: Madam Muhwezi it would be better to keep quiet because you do not have the moral authority to talk, your husband was censured from parliament because of corruption, how many times has Mbabazi been censured?

Kimbowa Santos: Your husband stole money for HIV and TB patients and Museveni protected your family and the bloody money so leave women alone. They’re dying because your man stole their money and u pretend that u care. In fact Muhwezi deserves to be in jail.

Jimmy Okwera: Mrs Muwezi you want to convince other NRM women not to vote for Amama. Do you know you want other poor Ugandan women to continue voting for the side which feed you and your families? When you were enjoying the GAVI proceeds why didn’t you tell these women to shun the looters?

Tefro Ochieng Wonlowo: Where does she pick the moral Authority to speak about development of Uganda? After her family robbed off the country and still being shielded by the president? Do they even care to know what our people go through in the hospitals and the so called UPE schools? Can the Muhwezi family ever go for treatment in a health centre four? But one thing am sure off is that no nothing lasts forever for, they will come down coz time is the best judge.

Emmanuel Mwiine: Indeed! you mean women of this country don’t remember, When Jim Muhwezi your husband in this case who was among the people that stole GAVI funds when he was being tried in court and he told the court and the judge that when they were in bush fighting others were in their beds and now he is a Minister in their government.

Joshua Muhairwe: Where have you been all along? Ugandans are tired of cheap politics and hatred. Let people choose the president of their choice. For me I just heard her name in politics when she locked her boss Mrs Jacqueline Mbabazi outside.

Kayanja Jonny: What do you expect more from her when her husband is the information minister? By the way she should mobilize people to shun his husband because he was charged with the alleged embezzlement of 1.6 billion shillings from the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) fund. Her man should be in Luzira.

Anthony Tibata: She herself stole 400 billion from Agoa then collected 4000 young girls from villages of Uganda who she sold to Indian sex pests. She is also stealing from the tourism board.

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