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Ugandans have launched tirades of attacks directed to towards the Uganda government owned leading newspaper publishers “The New Vision”, this is as a result of publishing a highly fictitious opinion poll that awards the incumbent a whopping 71% lead.

The regimes critics are furious and venting their anger at the taxpayer owned corporation, the evidence of this is on the social media being a washed with images of gestures from regime critics, pro-democracy and pro change activist symbolizing dust bin, flashing down the toilet and flaming the tabloid.

One such person is Celestine Alou, a human rights activist, and social worker, Celestine crafted this sublime piece in response to the outrageous poll.

The year was 1996, and it was at the heat of the first ever presidential elections since 1980. In the campaign trail were leading contenders, Mzee Paul Ssemogerere under IPFC Platform against Uganda’s strongman from Rwakitura. The other candidates were simply accompanying the two.

Back then, apart from the reign of terror unleashed on opposition supporters, a Ugandan Daily that prides itself as ” Uganda’s Leading Daily” championed smear campaign against Ssemogerere’s candidature and opposition generally by whipping up Buganda’s hatred against UPC’s Milton Obote and the Northern people generally.

Skulls of Luwero war were daily splashed on the prominent pages of this paper to incite Baganda against supporting the candidacy of Hon. Ssemogerere.

But perhaps the most callous of this slander campaign by this shameless paper was a front page story on the election eve that alleged that President Milton Obote (RIP), then exiled in Lusaka, had arrived in Kenya’s Capital Nairobi, ready to cross to Uganda through Busia to take over leadership for the third time in the event of Ssemogerere victory in the election.

To the evil schemers in the newsroom and editorial of this paper, Ssemogerere was only a UPC/Milton Obote Trojan horse in the election for it to ride back to power and literally continue from where they stopped in 1985 to massacre Baganda!

The slander worked and it handed the man from Rwakitura a sumptuous victory in the election, the massive ballot stuffing notwithstanding.

Exactly 20 years later, the man from Rwakitura is shamelessly in bed with the “murderous” UPC of Obote. But that is not all, the same Newspaper is at it again. This time it is not splashing out the Luwero skulls or Obote/northern bogey, it is spewing fictitious and bogus opinion polls projecting their master as leading by a huge margin.

It is not hard to understand the purpose of such outrageous opinion polls, namely, to prepare Ugandans for massive rigging of the vote.

Unfortunately for them, the people of Uganda are now wise and know exactly all these tricks. Thirsty for change, Ugandans are going to overwhelm the regime, they will not be cowed by useless opinion polls.

If anything, they will continue to fool the regime by responding to such surveys with what they exactly want to hear but come Feb 18, 2016, their vote is for CHANGE.

Stand up get counted for Change, time is now. Shortly we shall all be walking with a swagger!!

Celestine Alou,the author, is a human rights activist, and social worker.

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