Ugandan toy boy cons British woman Shs339m in love-trap


Lisa Morgan, 50, fell in love with Boaz Asingwire, 12 years her junior, from Uganda after they met working in Iraq [Photo by Daily Mail]

A Grimsby-born woman who moved to Uganda to start a new life with her younger boyfriend ended up being robbed of her $100,000 (£77,000, about Shs339,039,995) savings and was left fearing for her life.

Lisa Morgan, 50, became engaged to Boaz Asingwire, 12 years her junior, and moved to the East African country to set up construction and money lending businesses.

But their relationship turned violent and Boaz would keep her locked in the house while he spent her savings.

But despite her experiences, Lisa says she has forgiven Boaz and even still loves him, after he was killed in a car crash as she fought to get her money back through the courts.

And she has now written a book about her heartbreaking experiences called “Love Has Many Faces”.

Lisa, then 42, met Boaz, 30, while working as a security contractor in Iraq and they struck up a friendship, and bonded over their shared losses.

She had lost her brother to suicide, while Boaz’s father had died at a young age after being shot while serving in the army.

Lisa and Boaz had been together for a year when he proposed, and the couple decided they would start a new life together in Uganda.

‘I trusted Boaz enough to leave my job and move to his country to be with him,’ she explained.

‘He was my soulmate and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and he was such a responsible person. You knew he would be happy to see you happy. And whenever we were together it felt lovely, like that nice, warm glow after your first glass of wine.’

Boaz wanted to start a money lending business and buy cattle and a piece of land to build a house, while Lisa was keen to buy land and set up her own construction company.

He went ahead to Uganda, and Lisa transferred $69,000 (£53,000) of her savings into their new joint account and took the rest of her money with her in cash.

As soon as she arrived, they set about furnishing their new home.

‘We shopped in local markets and paid cash for everything out of my money,’ Lisa said.

‘He’d said I couldn’t open a bank account as a foreigner without supplying certain documents. But that was okay. I trusted Boaz. And we had a joint account. For now, I was happy.’

Boaz was keen for them to set up their money lending business without delay and told Lisa that his brother, a lawyer, could help with the paperwork.

‘A contract was drawn up and I was given twenty shares in the company,’ she recalled. ‘I didn’t understand why it was only twenty instead of fifty but Boaz said as a foreigner I could only own a certain amount.

‘Of course I was his partner and he’d change it after we were married. He also asked for a sample of my signature. As we were setting up a business account, it was just a formality.’

The couple forked out $20,000 (£15,300) to buy a Toyota Land Cruiser, paying in cash Boaz had taken out of their joint account.

‘It was Boaz who looked after the cash,’ Lisa said. ‘He looked after everything. He withdrew all the money; hundreds at a time.

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