Ugandan to award “fake foreign accent” celebs  


Dixon Okello with singer Cindy

It has become extremely difficult to identify a Ugandan from his or her accent these days.

We now want to sound more American and British than the Americans and Britons themselves.

I have worked with guys in the entertainment and media industry for over 10 years and trust me, I have seen a lot.

Most of our on-air personalities and so called celebrities now have a fake foreign accent.

There is even a radio station in Kampala that wouldn’t want to hire you, if you had a Ugandan accent.

So it beats me when a Ugandan ‘celebrity” travels to the United States for two weeks and returns with an American accent or when a Ugandan goes for her master’s degree in the UK and starts talking through her nose when she returns.

It’s even so bad now, that some people accompany someone who is traveling overseas to the international airport and comes back home with an accent!

I know a lot of foreigners (even whites) who have lived in Uganda for so many years.

Some of them were even born here, especially the Indians. But how come they don’t have a Ugandan accent? Why is it the other way round?

The people we admire most here in Uganda, for their success and what they have achieved, did it without an American accent and still have a high place in our society.

We should learn to embrace the way we speak and be proud of it, just like the Americans and the British would never change their accent for anyone.

So which Ugandan “celebrity” should win the first LAFA AWARDS.

Dixon Bond Okello, the author, is a music critic and an events security guru.


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