Ugandan officials now steal in billions-Besigye


Besigye addressing crowds


Opposition icon, Dr Kizza Besigye, says Members of Parliament sold the electoral reforms debate to President Yoweri Museveni at Shs 110m.

Parliament recently passed the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2015 allowing legislators to switch political affiliation or become Independents a year ahead of a general election.

At its second reading, 290 MPs supported the Bill, while 33 mostly from the Opposition parties and Independents, voted against. Four members abstained from the vote.

At the Third Reading and actual passing of the Bill, 277 MPs supported the passing of the Bill; six MPs voted against, while one abstained.

The Leader of Opposition, Wafula Oguttu, who walked out later said MPs including opposition members had been bribed to vote for the bill that denies the country electoral reforms.

While addressing residents of Bweyogere town along Jinja road on Tuesday, Besigye said Uganda is a country of plenty but is being ruined by the highest corruption ever.

Today I am here to let you know that we are privileged to be citizens of a rich country which has natural resources where young people are unemployed, where citizens depend on herbs to survive sickness.

He called Universal Primary Education a mockery to the country’s children saying while “we have the best country in the world, its people are very impoverished” because “this country has no ownership”.

He said in Uganda, for example, the price of a litre of petrol is getting to Shs 4,000 the same price for buying a gallon of fuel in the US (a gallon has 4 litres).

He said the money that is appropriated by parliament to be spent in State House is way far much than all the money that is meant to be spent in agriculture, health and other sectors.

“Mr. Museveni entered Kampala with only his trousers and himself. He had nothing but today he says that he is the owner of all the money and oil in Uganda,” continued Besigye.

“In our country today 19 women die while giving birth, in other countries only 3 women die and there is a crisis,” he pointed out, adding, “We are in a country where you pay taxes but you don’t have power over your taxes.”

As for Ugandan officials, Besigye said they nolonger steal in millions, “they steal in billions”.

He said the ruling NRM government depends on buying support through petty bribes and handouts.

“For example, the electoral reforms were sold by MPs for Shs110m,” he revealed.

Besigye swore to do whatever it takes to liberate Ugandans from bondage.


Crowds cheer for Besigye in Bweyogerere

“Unless I die, I am not leaving until we bring order in this country.”

Speaking at Serere, Ngora, Kumi and Bukedea rallies last Saturday, Besigye said he will not use violence but people power to remove Museveni from office.

“My mission is to help people control those in possession of guns. The reason why the elections are being rigged time and again is because those in possession of guns have the leverage to do what they want against the majority will.”

He asked Ugandans to regain their confidence and take back the country.

He is further said “as the regime continues to oppress the people and spend money on weaponry, the road network in the country continues to worsen while the taxpayers continue to wallow in dire poverty as the little they remit to the Treasury is misused”.

Addressing a rally at Kiprotich grounds, Besigye asked residents to overcome fear and face the “Pharaoh” who is using State power and resources to promote his personal and selfish interests at the expense of majority of Ugandans.

“The coming election is not just an ordinary election but a struggle to liberate the State from NRM and cause political reforms,” he said.

He said voting without power is a waste of time, “this time we are going to reclaim our power so that we can go for vote someone who we can give power to represent us”.

“After the FDC Delegates vote me as their flag bearer I will lead team blue and I will walk in the field and tell captain of team yellow and tell him this time this is a different ball game. I will remove the whistle and all the cards and we will hand them to an independent referee.”

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