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Ugandan national dies mysteriously in Belgium


Farouk Lubega, a Ugandan residing in Belgium died suddenly and mysteriously at his work place on Monday 1st August.

Lubega was well at a birthday party on Saturday 30 July in Brussels and spent the night dancing away with friends, according to a close family source.

He then proceeded to his home in a nearby city of Antwerp and reported to work on Monday 6:00am in very good health.

During his break at around 10:30am, Lubega made a series of communications to friends in the diaspora and did not report any sickness but rather was making interesting vacation plans.

According to information from his workmates, Lubega was hit by a monitor on his workstation and went into Sudden Cardiac Arrest resulting to death.

Although the deceased was wearing a safety helmet as required by Safety Regulations in Belgium, the impact may have shocked him hence causing Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Surprisingly, the company discovered his non-productivity late since it was nearing end of shift, emergency services were called (by workmates) but it was noted that the company never gave him First Aid.

Emergency doctors declared Lubega dead on site and transported the body to the mortuary where it is kept pending burial arrangements.

Friends and Family solicited funds to ensure a decent burial for the fallen Ugandan as they pushed for answers which are not forth coming.

The Company (Katoen Natie) has distanced itself from any arrangements even burial or repatriation of the body despite Lubega working with the said company for over two years.

Despite the fact that he died on duty, not even a company supervisor was sent to the family to help on arrangement for the past four weeks the body has been in the mortuary.

Under normal situations the company is expected to at least send a condolence message to the family and also contribute towards burial arrangements of the deceased none of this happened.

Lubega left behind two children aged between 13 and 8 years.

His body will be laid to rest on Thursday 8th September 2016, 2PM at Kalolo.

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