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Ugandan gay runs to exile to escape the law


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Robert Kityo Sengooba is part of a large group of homosexuals who were rounded up by police in 2011 for having a connection, promoting and recruiting children into unnatural acts.

Sengooba is accused of having connections with opposition politicians who want to form up a government that favours gay people.

His colleagues are now undercover while others are still on the run.

He is the coordinator of large LGBT Groups/ Organisations in Uganda, EU, South America and in South Africa, according to police.

He was first arrested in 2011, charged with sodomy and later released on bail.

He reportedly escaped after being granted bail and has since secured asylum in Switzerland to dodge the wrath of the law.

It believed that these groups get huge sums of money from their gay European friends, politicians and organisations to recruit schoolchildren into homosexuality.

Government speaks 

Government insists there is an ongoing promotion of activities of the Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals, and Transgender (LGBT) Movement in Kampala, who with the influence of some foreign forces had organized week-long festivities in different locations in Kampala and Wakiso Districts.

This followed a police raid on a gathering of a gay community during a “Mr & Mrs Gay Pride” held at Club Venon in the capital Kampala.

On Thursday 4 August, a group of LGBT members assembled at Venom Pub, Kabalagala, for a meeting without police clearance, according to Uganda Ethics and Integrity Minister, Father Simon Lokodo.

“Uganda Police was subsequently alerted and the assembly was disbanded and the participants cautioned. No one was hurt or injured during the exercise,” Lokodo told media in Kampala on Monday.

Minister Lokodo says the promotion of this year’s festivities, which would purportedly have culminated in a “Gay Parade” on Saturday 6th August 2016, is criminal and illegal as they had not been cleared by the Uganda Police Force, and are against the laws of the Republic of Uganda; specifically the Penal Code, which is built on precedents, set in many other countries.

Homosexuality as specified in Section 145 of the Uganda Penal Code is deemed illegal and punishable; attracting imprisonment for the offender.

Lokodo said the government will not condone the promotion of the illegal activities of the LGBT movement.

Through the Uganda Police Force, Government worked to ensure that the criminal and illegal activities of the Gay community were halted and will continue to suppress them, the minister said.

“The organizers of the Gay Parade which had been planned for Saturday 6th August 2016 are advised to stop their activities immediately. The public is called upon to refrain from joining and participating in Gay activities.”

He added: “The law is clear that the promotion of LGBT Movement activities is criminal in nature and intent, and offensive to the laws of the Republic of Uganda.”


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