Ugandan employers must stop taking advantage of the unemployed youth


It is preposterous that in this age you require young people to travel all the way to Kampala (Kyambogo) to submit their applications for jobs that I am sure have already been given away behind the door since you have a lot of nepotism and this is not disputable.  I can pull up a lot of information from your own media about this.

Let me proceed to give you a lecture about how recruiting works in this new world.  You might think that you are in Uganda with 80-90% unemployment gives you the right to walk all over people who are hunting for jobs.  Okay, you want the most desperate, you end up losing the ones who are not desperate.

Every Ugandan has some skills and you make a very big mistake to continue with your nonsense.

The images from kids lining up in Kyambogo to apply for UNRA jobs was horrific and I shared those images globally so that the world can see the desperation of our youth.

You want them to print many pages of information and then travel to Kampala and line up in the hot sun for hours just to submit them and most will never get a call back?  Then imagine they will likely go the whole day with no food and remember that they would have been begging for friends and family to house them on this one trip plus their parents paying the transportation.  Do you have no hearts?

My job interviews were in Toronto and I was in Peterborough Ontario about 2hrs drive away.  I drove to Toronto.  The interviewers fed me and reimbursed the petro for my drive.  Try doing that.  By the way, it is not like I was desperate like the kids you are walking all over.  You people take advantage of your own and you make no sense.

Get serious Uganda.  There are internet cafes all over the country.  Start taking online applications and instruct them to go to their nearest cafe and scan and send documents.  You waste much needed money making these young people borrow and beg for transportation to travel to Kampala to apply for jobs which may not even exist.

While we are on this topic, remember that Ms Kagina fired everyone at UNRA.  Did I hear any of you make noise about this?  So she is now hiring.  Should you not have opened your mouths when she got rid of 890 employees un questioned?  So let her be a great manager but this whole thing of making people travel from all over the country to apply for a position makes absolutely no sense at all.  I respect her but I do not believe in this particular way of hiring. Send those jobs to the universities in that case since that is where you get the best pool of engineers and each university retains the information of their alumni.

Stop walking all over your children.  Remember you as a parent, you are supposed to protect other children.  What happened to a village raises a child?  How dare you?  Do you know how much it costs to travel 300kms to Kampala to just submit an application?  I thought Uganda had embraced ICT so should we not scan, email, fax, skype interviews, phone interviews, Facebook, Facetime, whatsap, etc..?  Stop paying lip service to the issues and trying to fool the world that you are in modern ICT ways of doing things.  You embarrass yourselves when the media puts out information like what just happened this week.

You people are not serious at all and the world will not tolerate this nonsense from you at all.  Those who read my article on BPO know that this is a time changer.  There are many of us who are desperately trying to work with Uganda to help alleviate unemployment and bring in really good paying jobs but the people in power act like there is no need.  You can see this article about job outsourcing or as your tout it BPO.

Get one thing right.  The people who bring jobs to your country are not there for a long time.  We need strong managers and great leaders.  Expats fly in, train and fly out.  This is one mistake you made on the oil expats and I will write about that soon.  So if you show us through your media that you cannot calculate costs and benefits and find efficiencies and you make your own unemployed impoverished youth travel all the way to the capital just to submit an application, why would we want to work with you?

Uganda is unable to meet its international debt obligations currently.  Moody’s downgraded Uganda.  You are lucky that Standard and Poor rated you stable…and how stable?  Open your eyes Uganda.  There are so many of us who want to work with you but we are tired because the PR looks horrible.  Tukooye.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

The writer is an IT analyst for an oil company and has experience in job migration, recruiting and business consulting.

All my opinions are mine and mine alone. They do not reflect on my employer, this news site or any organisation I am affiliated with.  I am not sharing any information I have not previously written about on my blog.

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