Uganda will not become a middle income country via prayers to Saints


It is a proven fact that prayers and Uganda has powerful saints we can pray to so that they take us from poor (GDP per capita of $575) to Middle Income with GDP per capita of $1045.

I do not contest prayers or prayers to Saints and Martyrs. I was Christened Anglican and raised Roman Catholic. In fact in Namagunga at the shrine.

What I have issues with is if the prayers will fix our rampant corruption. Will the prayers fix the crumbling economy?

Will our prayers fix the 85% unemployment among graduates?

Will our prayers take God’s wrath when prayers were banned and our religious leaders remained silent?

Will our prayers feed the 10 hungy millions?

Will our prayers put medicine in our hospitals and supplies in schools?

Nebilala nebilala.

Will our prayers fix our global image of people being beat up, shot at and tear gassed to improve our tourism?

Will our prayers fix impunity?

But will our prayers fix our sick banking system or refund the donor funds we cannot account for or the none performing loans?

Will our prayers teach us work ethics and integrity? I could keep going.

Uganda banked on selling oil but I have no idea how the oil refinery construction is coming along.

For Uganda to go from GDP per capita of $575 to $1045 in 4 years, we need to roll up our sleeves and work our butts off. We also need to cut the fat.

I will be skeeping the prayers till I see some fundamental changes in Uganda. Austerity is very tough and the country might find itself in this position. MIGHT is the key word.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

I have an IT and Business background. Born in Uganda

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