Uganda universities and colleges need to have career centres


Normally every student upon entering college or university is assigned an academic adviser.  This is someone you meet with regularly to help you evaluate how you are doing in your courses and what courses could work for you. I had one of these people when I was doing my graduate studies.  Undergraduate was a toss but we had career counselors one of whom even had the audacity to tell me that I was an introvert and would work better taking commands from other people.

A career centre in each university or college will usually have adults who are experienced with life, the jobs out in the world (country) and the qualifications one needs.  Some make you take some psychological tests so that they can map you in the right field.  Such tests work very well for many people but not for all.

Career centres usually also have a job board.  Employers send upcoming jobs and they are posted in the career centre.  In this age, most use the internet and post the jobs in the career section of the institution.  Learn about this if you are in Uganda and if your institution provides this service.  You might have to stop using your MBs to abuse people on Fakebook and start using those MBs to look for jobs.


Career centres also organise job work shops.  This is where employers come to your campus and talk about their company.  They will also usually provide a list of what kind of jobs are available and even take your CV.  If they do not take your CV, they will have an email or address where you can send your CV.  Please notice that a CV of 8-12 pages for a new graduate is completely unacceptable.  It should be 1 page or maximum 2 pages.  http://nangalama.blogspot.ca/2015/05/cv-aka-resume-continued-applying-for.html

Career Fairs are normally organised by the Career Centre in conjunction with the employers.  The day of the Career fair is a busy one because you would have all the companies which are willing to hire graduates on merit show up and display information about their company and the jobs which are available.  No more back door looking for jobs.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada


The writer has experience in recruiting, education and career counseling.

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